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ItA - Enter the Dragon Temple 1.22

Adds Hylotl Themed Shrine & Cultural Objects

  1. Way of the Water Serpent

    Hi folks!

    Major content update here, tons of new furniture, crafting stations, items, decorations, tags & other things. Major additions include: Recipe discovery system, NEW Pottery Wheel Crafting Station, 1H & Throwable Weapons, New Crafting Recipes for nearly everything in the Mod, Traditional Hylotl themed Kitchen Furniture.

    Unlock the secrets of the Water Serpent with your own Calligraphy Brush.


    Craft the ancient scroll (i know... it's not very ancient) and unlock the path of the serpent!


    New crafting tables and items that will unlock all the items related to them in the mod with crafting recipes.

    But wait there's more! With the new pottery wheel;
    potterywheel.png you can craft a number of placeable and smashable pots that are already in game, vases, dishes and these...


    Your own terra-cotta army and action figures (complete with weapon tags for their own furniture / guard tiers).

    For a limited time only, I'll throw in a full updated kitchen renovation in the traditional hylotl style!


    Remember, delete your old folder before you unzip the new one. I moved some files around. Sorry for the inconvenience, but I hope you all enjoy!


    1. Brineapple.JPG
    2. Smithy.JPG
    3. Dojo2.JPG
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