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Iroaseta's Workbench 1.23

So that my mods aren't all over the places.

  1. Whoops

    - Fixed alignment problem when selecting the Custom Radio tab.
    - Finalisation of icons alignment.
  2. Tweaked a little bit.

    - Changed name from Crafting Station to Workbench.
    - Changed the colour to resemble silver instead of iron.
    - Edited dialogue when inspecting the workbench.
    - Added Radio tabs.
    - Readjusted icons on the windows so they are not slightly disoriented.
  3. Changed back to the original one.

    Nothing much. Might have some extra time to play again, but who knows.
  4. Updated for 1.2.

    What a coincidence! Heh.
    Alright it's just as what I've mentioned in the page :
    There's a slight change of file path in Starbound 1.2, namely x.png, xhover.png and xpress.png, which were all moved from /interface/inventory/ to /interface/.

    Changed to .pak format as well.
  5. Christmas is coming!

    I hoped you had at least realized Christmas is coming. :3
    Changed the theme to red and green! That's the colour of Christmas...right?

    Also fixed the icon's position.
    This'll only last until Christmas season is over!