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Outdated Inteur's Little Scientist Desk Kit 0.3.0

Bring the science with you to craft some medical supply and other stuff.

  1. inteur72
    Hi everybody i would present to you today, the Inteur's Little Scientist Desk Kit V0.3.0 (mod)

    With it you can actually create, large bandage, medkit, advenced medkit, stimpack, Super stimpack, and even the Awsome Stimpack. and coffee !!!

    Download Mirror: http://y88imt.1fichier.com/en/

    Planned features:
    more medical items /guns / grenades
    more Stimpack effects


    That would help you for the hard combats.
    But for now let me introduce the Scientist Desk:
    Awsome Stimpack:

    /!\ PatchNote 0.3.0 : /!\
    -Adapt for the Angry Koala
    -Delete "Circuit" item

    Change / Fix:
    -The Scientist Kit wasen't on the mod file anymore (you can now us all the mod)
    - The "Coffee Pot" have now is own recipe
    - The "Disassembler" have now is own recipe
    - T2 T3 LvL31's Heal stimpack give you a better amont of heal instead of time.

    -Add tow new medkit for T2 and LvL31
    -Add the "Medical Center" (on this place you can craft all medical supply and not on the science desk)

    /!\ PatchNote 0.2.5 : /!\
    -Balance Recip for all Stims
    -Add "Lucky Dispenser"
    -Buy crafting item with it, (actually cost 1 pix)
    -Add "Coffee Pot"
    -Craft it on the "Science Desk" (actually 1 pix) you can only do the coffee with it actually
    -Add "Portable Power Supply" (dosen't work)
    -Add "Disassembler" (Dosen't work)

    -Add new items/graphics for the different craft.

    if you see any bugs or just want to post a feedbacks/suggestions it's will be cool, in fact i need you'r feedback for balance the recipe and other thing :D

    PS: sorry if they are a language mistake on the mod and/or here. I'am a french guy with is poor language knowledge.

    Graphics & mod by myself (inteur72)

    Thanks for all :D
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before including this mod in a compilation.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before altering/redistributing any assets included in this mod.


    1. craft.png
    2. screenAmod.png