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Outdated Intersol Vepr/SOWET - Urania.EODAG.2 Pathfinder Cruiser Enraged Koala 1.45

A large spacecraft featuring completely original art and brand new assets, with even more to come!

  1. Tile Graphical Tweak

    Minor graphical change to all tiles... they hopefully should looks less screwed up when building with. Tell me if you have any suggestions.

    NO SHIPWORLD wipe required. Just delete the old mod folder and put in the new one.
  2. Enraged 1.4 - Multiplayer Update

    Merely renames a few things in the ship folder, to change the name of the ship drawings to not clash with the games original files.. There are no gameplay changes.

    Do not download if you don't plan on playing in multiplayer.
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  3. Enraged 1.35 - Weapons BETA

    Weapons BETA

    -Added Weapons Console
    -Added Implekor
    -Added Cabal Revolver

    Added the basic framework for weapons. Deleting shipworld file is NOT required, all your stuff is safe on your ship - just overwrite the old mod. All this will do is add a weapons digistructor to the vepr digistructor, allowing you to make a weapons console which will be used in the future for tiered guns and weapons of various sort. Currently only adds 2 items: Implekor, a...
  4. Enraged 1.3 - Performance Update!

    Performance Update

    A must have for any user of the Urania Cruiser mod! Drastically improves performance by removing a ton of invisible lights, spacing them out evenly to make sure the ship remains lighted at the same level it was before. My FPS went up 20-30 frames on the 2x zoom after the update.

    Remember to save all of your stuff on chests planetside on existing characters, then delete your characters shipworld...
  5. Enraged 1.2 - The Furniture Update! (Vepr LEX Series)

    I do not believe that a shipworld file reset is necessary for this, but I recommend to clear out ship anyway, in case any of your hard earned items disappear.
    Also, lore will be added to the main page within the next few weeks.



    This update adds a bunch of furniture items labeled under the Vepr LEX series, as well as the Vepr Mech Poster. The...​
  6. (1.1) Enraged Koala Support Update + Fix for Captain's Chair

    - Added support for Enraged Koala for new users installing the mod.
    - Fixed the captain's chair for the existing users of this mod (it was a one line fix, they replaced "interactable" with "loungable".) This will mean that you will have to delete your character's '.SHIPWORLD' file to reset the ship after downloading and replacing the old mod folder. Remember to save all of your stuff on the ship in containers on the ground or on your character, because the ship will be wiped clean. Sorry,...
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