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Intergalactic Wilds v1.1.1

An overhaul to the hunting aspect of the game, new collections, new objects, and more!

  1. New Custom Monsters, Monsters Attacking Monsters, Fleeing Wild Farm Animals, Bug Fixes - Oh my!

    • Cooked Ham and Cooked Rib Meat now heal you for the same amount as Living Root Salve
    • Monsters now infight with each other, kill nearby critters, and attack you (The monster teams are separated into Unique (2; Vanilla monster default), Biped (3), Quadruped (4), Flying (5), Fish (6), and Mini Boss (7))
    • Made Mythical Pet: Dire Wolf craftable on the tier 1 anvil like it should have been
    • Increased Mythical Pet health
    • Reduced Living Root cost for crafting Mythical pets...
  2. Healing Ham and Ribs, Another "New" Monster, Capture Cannon, and Misc Fixes

    • Fixed some monster spawning issues
    • Cooked Ham and Cooked Rib Meat now heal you when consumed (the same amount as a bandage - and you can't stack it with other healing items)
    • 1 "new" (recolored) monster
    • Added a "capture cannon" (Deals damage as a primary, captures weakened monsters with the secondary)
    • Fixed armor with augment slots issues (ChuckleFish must have changed the augment item desciption call in 1.3.3)
    • Fixed unlocking the "perfectly generic item" after...
  3. Minor Tweaks and FU Compatibility Patch

    • Changed remaining hunting+ naming conventions of some things
      • The main thing this effects is the critter collection - you will need to pick up the critter objects again to get them all back (I promise this is the last time this will be changed like that)
    • FU Addon/Compatibility Patch has been released You can find it here: http://www.mediafire.com/file/l23h8d1uj14xwtk/Intergalactic_Wilds_-_FU_Addon_v1.0.1.zip
      • Please note that the link above...
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  4. Fixes, Tweaks, and Christmas Event

    • Visual adjustments to muzzle flashes
    • Fixed pets not being craftable (that's a huge thing I should have noticed sooner)
    • Christmas Event (Available until 1/1/2018)
      • Harvest holiday spirit with weapons (The chance of getting nothing from kills is now replaced with this)
      • Temporarily have the ability to craft powerful late game weapons (including a new pet and 2 brand new weapon types [hunting cane and hunting cannon])
      • Temporarily have the ability to...
  5. Mother Poptop Changes

    • Minor changes to Mother Poptop fight
      • Decreased Mother Poptop's health to 300 (In vanilla, it's 500)
      • Decreased Mother Poptop's protection stat to 40% (Was set to 70%)
      • Decreased Mother Poptop Ghost's health to 200 (I must have forgot to reduce it to 200)
      • Decreased Mother Poptop Ghost's protection stat to 0% (Was set to 50%)
    • Removed unused status effects and objects (Hope you got rid of them after I gave the warning)