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Intergalactic Wilds v1.1.1

An overhaul to the hunting aspect of the game, new collections, new objects, and more!

  1. Fixes and Spawn adjustments

    • Newly generated Hive biomes will now have all three uniques in them (This is mostly for mod lore continuity)
    • Newly generated Eye Patch biomes will have both uniques in them
    • Newly generated Bone biomes will have both uniques in them
    • Treasure pools for some monsters have been changed slightly, allowing you to obtain hunted goods instead of something else or nothing entirely from certain monsters when they are killed with a hunting weapon
    • Fixed Tier 6 pants not showing up in the recipe list
    • Fixed lack of Glow Coral Grapple Hook recipe
    • Fixed lack of Hive Bomb recipe
    • Fixed lack of Hive Bomb T6 recipe
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