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Intergalactic Wilds v1.1.1

An overhaul to the hunting aspect of the game, new collections, new objects, and more!

  1. Healing Ham and Ribs, Another "New" Monster, Capture Cannon, and Misc Fixes

    • Fixed some monster spawning issues
    • Cooked Ham and Cooked Rib Meat now heal you when consumed (the same amount as a bandage - and you can't stack it with other healing items)
    • 1 "new" (recolored) monster
    • Added a "capture cannon" (Deals damage as a primary, captures weakened monsters with the secondary)
    • Fixed armor with augment slots issues (ChuckleFish must have changed the augment item desciption call in 1.3.3)
    • Fixed unlocking the "perfectly generic item" after crafting the Solarium Hunting Knife
    • Made a door in the end dungeon a bit easier to get through
    • Fixed a monster-crashing issue in the end dungeon
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