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Intergalactic Wilds v1.1.1

An overhaul to the hunting aspect of the game, new collections, new objects, and more!

  1. Fixes, Tweaks, and Christmas Event

    • Visual adjustments to muzzle flashes
    • Fixed pets not being craftable (that's a huge thing I should have noticed sooner)
    • Christmas Event (Available until 1/1/2018)
      • Harvest holiday spirit with weapons (The chance of getting nothing from kills is now replaced with this)
      • Temporarily have the ability to craft powerful late game weapons (including a new pet and 2 brand new weapon types [hunting cane and hunting cannon])
      • Temporarily have the ability to craft the Holiday Crafting Table (Since this is a vanilla item, recipes in it will not be disabled after the event...although, without christmas spirit, you can't do much)
      • Temporarily have the ability to craft Moneybags Sack and Holiday Sack at a sewing machine (The Holiday Sack recipe will always be available at the Holiday Crafting Table)
      • Temporarily changed visuals for Leather and Pelt armor

    Creator Note: Sorry there hasn't been any large progress lately (especially considering a Frackin' Universe patch is still needed and in development, I may release it soon anyway, though, as it only needs a few tweaks last I tested it). Since I'm in college, I've been fairly busy.
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