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Interaction Helper 1.0.3

Displays a popup over NPCs and animals that still need their daily interaction.

  1. v1.0.3

    Updated for Stardew Valley v1.2 / SMAPI v1.10 compatibility.

    The update was easier than expected, so I managed to sneak it in before work.

    Source code:
    using System;
    using Microsoft.Xna.Framework;
    using Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Content;
    using Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Graphics;
    using StardewModdingAPI;
    using StardewModdingAPI.Events;
    using StardewValley;
    using StardewValley.Characters;
    namespace InteractionHelper {
       public class InteractionHelper : Mod
  2. v1.0.2

    The mod now only displays the NPC icons if the NPC has gift tastes. This should eliminate all of the false-positives (Gunther, Marlon, Horse, Junimos, monsters, etc.), but I also added explicit exclusions for all of the non-giftable NPCs I know of just to be safe.

    I also handled separate handling specific to children, since they'll now be excluded from the general NPC handling. It only ever shows the talk icon, and it will only show it if they are in the second age category (where...
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  3. v1.0.1

    * Now ignores Gunther and the horse.
    * Now has config options for whether to show or ignore Dwarf and Krobus.
    * Now has config options for whether to show or hide each type of symbol.
    * Improved symbol locations: closer to center on vertically-facing barn animals and pets, closer to top of sprite on coop animals and pets, and closer to head on most NPCs.