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Interaction Helper 1.0.3

Displays a popup over NPCs and animals that still need their daily interaction.

  1. v1.0.2

    The mod now only displays the NPC icons if the NPC has gift tastes. This should eliminate all of the false-positives (Gunther, Marlon, Horse, Junimos, monsters, etc.), but I also added explicit exclusions for all of the non-giftable NPCs I know of just to be safe.

    I also handled separate handling specific to children, since they'll now be excluded from the general NPC handling. It only ever shows the talk icon, and it will only show it if they are in the second age category (where they cling to the side of the crib) or older (since if they are any younger than that, they don't gain relationship points when you interact with them as far as I can tell).
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