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Outdated Instrument Creation 1.32

Craftable Instruments on a craftable station

  1. Carty1234
    Everybody loves instruments and here you can craft them on this instrument station. I am aware that a similar mod exists, but this is a unique station dedicated to the crafting of instruments.
    Hope you enjoy and remember to play some wicked sick tunes!
    Thanks to Xlotl for the sprites for the mod.

    Mod in multiplayer:
    If you would like to use this mod (or any other for that matter that implement its own items, objects or sprites) then everyone on the server must have that mod installed on the same version. Hope this helps for anyone struggling with multiplayer.

    What this does:
    • Implements custom crafting bench
    • Implements brass ore and bar
    • Adds instruments that are in the asset files but have no images (Currently only the dulcimer, will be more)
    • Cool, new background image when crafting instruments (it's a note!!! :D)
    • Hours of fun! (DISCLAIMER: Carty and Xlotl are not responsible for fun that one does not have.)

    Things to do:
    • Realistic recipes (currently just 1 wood planks) -- Now more realistic, tell me what you think or if you have better suggestions
    • More instruments
    • Add the various colours to the sprite if painted
    • Multiplayer support
    • Descriptions for the various races
    • Bigger list!
    Alternative link:
    For previous version change the number from "1.32" to whatever version you want (check this page here). Note that not all versions are being hosted. Sorry.
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before including this mod in a compilation.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before altering/redistributing any assets included in this mod.


    1. Image4.png
    2. Image5.png

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Recent Reviews

  1. Cosmogonic
    Version: 1.32
    cant lauch the game, i get this error:
    (StarException) An error occured during loading:(asset exception)
    could not load variant value/player/confing:humanoidTiming
    Caised by(variant exception) (variant exception) No such key in variant::get("humanoidTiming") in query ("humanoidTiming")
    Client application::postSplashInitialisation()
    Client application::update()

    any idea? is it my fault?
  2. Starwarsbird
    Version: 1.32
    Good mod, very useful.
    1. Carty1234
      Author's Response
      Sorry for the late reply, I have been busy with other commitments. Glad you enjoyed the mod.
      Hopefully, Xlotl and I can make some more updates for this thing :D
  3. Osoreshi
    Version: 1.32
    Does exactly as intended. Just missing little instruments (as the Glitch Model M). Good work!
    1. Carty1234
      Author's Response
      I'm really glad you enjoyed it!
      My friend and I would love to update the mods, but we are currently in the middle of our exams and will continue updates afterwards.
  4. tombro85
    Version: 1.32
    works great. love this mod
    1. Carty1234
      Author's Response
      Thank you! Glad you enjoy it.
  5. Greenka
    Version: 1.32
    I like this mod. Thans for good work.
    1. Carty1234
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review, hope you enjoy the mod!
  6. Dzony_B
    Version: 1.3
    nice :D
    1. Carty1234
      Author's Response
      :D Thanks!
  7. SapphirePhoenix
    Version: 1.21
    As someone who loves the instruments in game, I really enjoy this mod. I tried out the Tablua Rasa version and so far it is working great!
    1. Carty1234
      Author's Response
      Really glad that you like it!
  8. beches
    Version: 1.21
    1. Carty1234
      Author's Response
      Whether this is "Finally you updated" or "Finally I found an instrument crafting mod", thanks for the review :D and I hope you enjoy it!
  9. OddXman
    Version: 1.07
    Very nice, I love how easy it is to make brass.
    1. Carty1234
      Author's Response
      Glad you like it and it is good to see that it is easy to use - it would be horrible if you didn't!
  10. Deliphin
    Version: 1.04
    Useful, and not cheating-ish (costing 1 pixel) like others. On the table though, for aesthetics, I'd add like a metal panel or an small anvil, since you are bending brass and iron. Though, the current table is still good.
    1. Carty1234
      Author's Response
      I agree with what you are saying, which is why the original mod means the bars are crafted in the stone furnace. I had to remove this because of mod clashes, but if you want to revert back to the old style then open the instrument.object file and change the filter from "filter" : [ "instrumentstation", "plain" ] to "filter" : [ "instrumentstation" ] and that should allow the crafting in the correct stations (although if you have other crafting mods installed then this causes this to not work, I believe)