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Industrial Sized Teleporters and Teleporter Platforms 1.0

Adds additional sizes for the stock teleporters, including them in platform variants.

  1. Bobby Bonsaimind
    This mod adds industrial sized variants of the stock teleporters, and also platform variants.

    These new teleporters are all available from 2 Stop Teleshop for (quite high) prices and one teleporter core. Because I'm not much of an artist, the stock graphics have mostly been stretched to fit, so please don't expect any art wonders here.


    All stock variants are supported:
    • Brass (brass)
    • Executive (black)
    • Futuristic (future)
    • Scientific (science)
    • Stone (stone)
    • Tomb (tomb)
    • Wooden (wooden)

    The original teleporters are 4x8 blocks (widthxheight) in size.

    • S: 6x8
    • M: 7x8
    • L: 8x8
    • XL: 10x8
    • XXL: 10x10
    • S: 4x1
    • M: 5x1
    • L: 6x1
    • XL: 7x1
    • XXL: 8x1

    The new teleporters can be bought by "2 Stop Teleshop", as usual a teleporter
    core is required additional to paying for it. Please note that the shop window
    does display the wrong price on the right side, it is correct in the list. This
    must be a "GUI thing" which I did not investigate.

    • S: 5,500
    • M: 6,500
    • L: 7,500
    • XL: 8,500
    • XXL: 12,500
    • S: 3,500
    • M: 4,500
    • L: 5,500
    • XL: 7,500
    • XXL: 7,500

    Additionally, they can be spawned by the `spawnitem` command, the IDs are:
    • blackindustrialteleporter6x8
    • blackteleporterplatform4x1

    With the `black` referring to the type, and the size as postfix.

    I can not license this content, because I used data and artwork provided by
    Chucklefish under the Starbound EULA. Technically, this mod (its creation and
    distribution) is in violation of the Starbound EULA, current copyright law in
    most countries and therefor illegal.

    However, in best faith I do believe that Chucklefish does sanction the creation
    of mods containing their content for the sole purpose of making Starbound an
    interesting and more fun game.

    For license and copyright matters consider this to be copyrighted by Chucklefish
    and issued under the same EULA as Starbound itself.
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Anyone can use this mod in their mod compilation without the author's consent.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    Anyone can alter/redistribute the mod's assets without the author's consent.

Recent Reviews

  1. SkyeTheTerribleBeastie
    Version: 1.0
    Does everything I was hoping, and I really just got the mod for the telepads.
    Though, I wish it had large and flat versions of the additional kinds of teleporters added.