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Industrial Corvette Ship -Human- 1.2

Just some tweak to a nice Corvette ship.

  1. Duplicative issue is gone now! SPECIAL THANKS TO greenRAM!

    @greenRAM is the man! He provided a guideline which I further tweaked to make sure how it'll work in game, which without that I'll probably still scratching my head until now. I'm still not sure why does this ship needs extra workaround but as long as it works, right? :3

    Oh, the ship areas are only fully opened on T4 now.
    T2 = Top left area
    T3 = Left area
    T4 = Bottom right area
  2. Just a few touch ups

    - Replaced Human Storage Locker to have the same colour palette as the ship
    - Overhaul the decal / lit area again to have better lightning so bright stuffs are bright and dim stuffs are dim
    - Fixed two pixels around the cockpit area (yes, two pixels)