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Improved Swim Physics! v13

Reworks Starbound's swim engine!

  1. Sock_Bunny
    (7 second gif of how swimming is changed)

    The vanilla Starbound swim physics works like this:
    - Move player down, constantly, no matter what.
    - Press SPACE to skyrocket like 5 blocks up, or 198 blocks if you have the Swim Boost buff or augment.
    - Give player unlimited jumps
    - Move left and right slowly
    - Make people hate ocean biomes

    This mod replaces those physics with new ones! They work like this:
    - Press UP to swim up
    - Press LEFT to swim left
    - Press RIGHT to swim right
    - Press DOWN to swim down
    - Hold JUMP and swim towards the surface of the liquid to jump out of it

    The player character will automatically begin to swim when the water is up to their chest.

    If you join a multiplayer server with this mod installed, and the server does not have this mod installed, only you will be effected by this mod.

    Vanilla Multiplayer (server does not have mod, you have mod): Compatible
    FrackinUniverse: Compatible
    A toaster: Depends on OS and CPU power
    99% of mods that edit swimming.lua or swimming.statuseffect: Incompatible

    0.1% of computers with this mod installed have violently exploded.
    Crouching while in a 2-block deep pool makes you swim.
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before including this mod in a compilation.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before altering/redistributing any assets included in this mod.

Recent Updates

  1. Efficiency!
  2. Efficiency!
  3. Apparently humans can't swim in gas.

Recent Reviews

  1. 5Mano5
    Version: v13
    10/10 would recommend
  2. Cappuchino2019
    Version: v13
    Excellent mod, no more shall i suffer from the evil that is S w i m m i n g
  3. Lengey
    Version: v13
    Tested and works like a charm.
    The physics are well and no glitches.
  4. icyi2i
    Version: v13
    Yay physics
  5. NightmareDL
    Version: v13
    Awesome mod
  6. Morden
    Version: v12
    As far as I'm concerned, this mod is essential.
  7. positron
    Version: v12
    I started building a base in an ocean biome for obvious reasons and quickly began to hate vanilla swim physics so much I was contemplating constructing elsewhere. Thanks for this mod!
  8. limon4ik
    Version: v12
    - Make people hate ocean biomes

    its true.. and this mod is cool!
  9. Akajaro
    Version: v12
    This is necessary. Most definitely
  10. renimia
    Version: v12
    great mod! it gives my game a better and a more immersive experience than ever, i love it very much so thank you for providing such a helpful mod for us! <3
    1. Sock_Bunny
      Author's Response
      awww :D you're welcome :3 I'm glad that it helps you so much :o