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Improved Food Descriptions 2.0

Food descriptions now showing the amount of food and remaining rot time in minutes.

  1. Removed Frackin Universe stuff

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  2. Updated Frackin Universe effect paths

    • Updated improper effect paths from Frackin Universe which came with the latest update.
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  3. Hotfix

    • Fixed an issue that creates Perfectly Generic Items.
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  4. Frackin Fraces and CN More Farming support

    • Food descriptions from the Frackin Races mod are now also supported, including carnivore/herbivore descriptions.
    • This mod is now also compatible to the CN More Farming mod.
  5. Reworked lua, tooltip improvements, json patching

    • Reworked the whole lua code which makes it now easily possible to add new effects.
      (Other mod authors are now able to add new effects with json patching)
    • The font of buffs is now shown in green, debuffs in red.
    • Effects from Frackin Universe are now fully supported.
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  6. Mod compatibility

    • Fixed a compatibility issue with 'Frackin Races'.
  7. Hotfix for 1.3

    • Fixed broken tooltips for medicine items, caused by SB update 1.3.
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  8. Bug fixing

    • Collected medical items (after this update) have no longer a rot time parameter.
      This caused that such items could not be stacked sometimes.
      Old medical items with rot time parameter still have the parameter because this can't be reverted (sorry).
    • Food items can now be stacked properly when the addon mod is used.
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  9. Item descriptions for medicine

    • All medicine items now also have improved item descriptions.
    • The spoiling time now shows the time in hours and minutes.
  10. Bug fixing and minor changes

    • Fixed an issue that prevented the player from eating kinds of raw meat.
    • Removed the "<" character in the spoiling time of food descriptions.