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Improved Containers 2.11

Persistent storage, Mass selling, Renaming, Searching, Sorting, Quick stacking

  1. 2.0

    - Client side quick stacking. Still works without server but server can't lock container.
    - Client side sorting. Still works without server but server can't lock container.
    - Search field
    - Gardenbot2 support
    - Price on container will be recalculated to include items inside.
    - Food rots inside of picked up containers.

    For players that are using any compatibility mods, mods that add IC functionality to other mods, uninstall them until they have been updated.

    For any mod developers out there relying on functionality from IC
    - Scripts have moved from /interface/chests/ to /scripts/v6/
    - New UI elements: icRenameBoxBg, icSearchButton, icSearchBoxBg, icSearchBox
    - New UI functions: ic.searchButton, ic.searchBox
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