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Improved Containers 2.11

Persistent storage, Mass selling, Renaming, Searching, Sorting, Quick stacking

  1. 1.8

    - Objects with slots (containers) can no longer be quick stacked. Containers with items inside were being stacked with blank containers, resulting in loss of items.
    - Money can no longer be quick stacked.
    - Equipped items should no longer be quick stacked if there is an identical item in storage.
    - Items currently held in hand will not be quick stacked (can't check other hotbar slots)
    - GUI should no longer lock itself if you have no items to quick stack.

    As this is just an update to fix issues I will not push the deep storage change. You can still store containers inside of containers for now but please take them out as the next non-bugfix update will make them drop into the world, and possibly making you lose your containers if you don't pay attention.
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