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Immersive Weapons 3.6.7

If you're Trying to enhance your Starbound with greater selection of weapons this mod is for you

  1. 3.6.7

    Added Git Version
    which means I can update this mod easier
    and I actually may update who knows
    its been a long time since I updated this mod
  2. Some Tweaks

    I'm looking for someone who can upload this mod to steam workshop

    Hi guys I recently started to play starbound again
    and I made some tweaks
    some recipe edited
    some sprite edited
    and feather treasure pool fixed
    and if remember my fenerox pack
    now those weapons are used by fenerox...
  3. primitive update

    Delete the old .PAK
    Delete the old .PAk
    i did it for user to surf in mod's folders

    sorry for this small update
    I barely created them(no time)
    I will do more (promise)

    • in this update, i added 3 new types of melee weapons(primitive)
    1. ...
  4. Fenerox Pack

    Another Themed Weapons Pack Is Here

    Fenerox Pack
    Good For Users Of
    Playable Fenerox Mod

    • 18 melee
    • 1 Ranged
    • Good For Hunting Cause They Provide Hunting...
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  5. Primitive Pack

    First I have To Apologize For This Very Very Very late Update
    cause I was waaaaay Tooooo busy

    Primitive Update
    • I added 19 Primitive Themed Weapons
    • Killing With These Weapons Is Just Like Bows
    • when a monster Is killed it will Drop Items Just Like You Get using...
  6. treasure pool fixes

    treasure pool is now fixed

  7. editing

    • just edited the big one handed axes sprites and made them a little smaller
  8. Very huge Update

    • Very big update ,got my whole energy
    • 22 axe added
    • tons of variation
    • some are from games like assassin creed
    And Don't Forget To Rate

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  9. read me

    • Fixed Recently added weapons going to the wrong tab
    • fixed some recipe
    • decreased Legend of Zelda big hammer damage cause it was overpowered
    • fixed its name cause it was too long
    • added new material (Feather) can be gathered...
  10. Legend Of Zelda Pack

    • Legend Of Zelda Pack
    • 9 Weapons
    • Different Category
    • They Are Strong
    • Got Some Special ability