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Immersive Props 1.6.9

For You To Spice Up Your World With New Furnitures and Decorations

  1. 1.3.1

    • Let Me Introduce You Some Of Our New Shipment.
  2. 1.3

    Now We Have Git Hub For This Mod
    Delete The Old Mod Folder
  3. 1.3 Reupload

    Just A Reupload
  4. 1.3

    • Ahh...These Days Lots Of People Are Dying Because Of Speeding in Highways
    • So Our manager Decided To Introduce You To These Traffic Props To Help You Not DIE

    • So Let's Buy Them And Decrease The Amount of Death Caused By The Power Of Technology
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  5. 1.2

    • Due To Some Requests From Teachers, Our manager Decided to Add Some School Stuff To Our Shopping List

    If We See No Review And Support From People, Our Manager Will Stop This Company.
    Please Don't Let That Happen, If You Do That Lots Of People Gonna Lose Their Jobs.
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  6. 1.1

    • Our Company Manager Decided To Add Some New Stuff To Our Catalog
    Delete The Old Mod Folder This Time.
    I Always Tell You Guys When You Have To Delete The Mod Folder.