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ILikeCheating - The ultimate multiplayer-friendly building tool (outdated) 1.20

Also, you can place grass and ores. :)

  1. ILC and future updates

    I have good news, and bad news.

    Due to repeated and flagrant copyright infringement of ILC and other assets, I am no longer going to update ILikeCheating.

    But don't worry! I'll be making ILikeCheating2 - which will be much more powerful than the original ILikeCheatinng. It will be similar to ILikeCheating - being a client-side spawning tool and building aid, but it will be orientated towards more technical users. It will be very different, you'll see - but if you liked ILC, you'll probably like ILC2.

    Ever since I created ILikeCheating, I said people could get permission to modify and redistribute it if they met these two simple criteria:
    - They informed me first.
    - They included a copy of these criteria in their distribution.
    None of the many people who have modified and redistributed ILC have met either of these criteria.
    While I thank the relevant authorative people who have removed illegal redistributions of ILC when requested, a particular community has refused to remove content stolen from various content creators and have even mocked them, saying that "Starbound is only a game".

    Thanks to them, I am retiring ILikeCheating, so that I can release ILikeCheating2. ILikeCheating2 will be released under a different permission set where modification and distribution is strictly prohibited (that's why it needs to be a different mod), and I will take every legal and technical measure available to prevent that certain particular community from using my new content (some of which will not allow ILC2 to be distributed on Chucklefish's mod database).

    You can still use old versions of ILC (I don't guarantee if the download links work), and you can modify and distribute ILC if you follow the criteria listed.
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