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Idle Factories BUILD 5 - PATCH 6

Factories which generates ores, liquids, crops, components, pixels, and a hole lot more!

  1. Playing Catch-up

    ** TO DO** (Is sleeping)
  2. Patch updates

    Exp. V3.0.11
    Redone player.config.patch to remove all items from the blueprint list, leaving Diamontine craftable
    Distributed all unlockables amongs the Gems accordingly, this allows you to unlock each tier at a decent pace
    Changed some Gem recipes around slightly
    Removed price of gems to 0, but moved refinery pixal value down by a decimal (example, Diamontine was 600, now its only 60 from refineries)
    all Investment centers have had its recipe changed drastically, allowing Investment Center...
  3. Patch updates

    Removed many recipes requiring previous tiered factories.
    Increased recipe values and qualities.
    Changed the ore drop weights again, hopefully to where I want it.
    Reverted back to ore only factory, this mean a Titanium factory will only collect Titanium ore along with the global drops (Copper, Silver, Gold, Core Fragments, Diamonds), this also means its a good idea to keep the lesser tiers.
    Reverted the recipe pixel amount to Investments centers from 5K, 10K and 25K, to 10K, 25K and...
  4. readying for the "Cultivation" Update

    Soon, I'm going to add a 5th tab to the table, thus, allowing for some new factories to be implemented, as the title states, its going to be around cultivation, so like crops and other things etc, for now, here is a small patch for you.

    Unknown1 Factory now has a Name and graphics, courtesy of @Sparklink
    Changed rarity of the O.M.S.S to Uncommon from Legendary
    Changed rarity of the Component Factory to Rare from Legendary
    Component Factory recipe swapped from Amythyrium...
  5. Patch updates

    Fixed Galactic Boxes to be more consistant with image
    Mining Gems now have a sell value and can also be refined for pixels

    Added an "Unknown1" factory (Can't think of a name and has a placeholder for now) a factory which produces:-

    Sharpend Claw
    Living Root
    Hardened Carapace
    Phase Matter
    Venom Sample
    Cryonic Extract
    Scorched Core
    Stick of Ram

    its also required now to making the Component Factory

    Increased drop timer for the Component Factory from 300 seconds (5...
  6. Changing Progression update

    This update is about TRYING to balance, but add a sense of progression, whiles still rewarding the player when idling

    Change Notes
    Added 6 new resources, which can only be gathered from the Idle Miners, you need them to upgrade your factories

    Coal Driller no longer available (Still present in the code, but doesn't drop anything)
    Ultimate Driller no longer available (Still present in the code, but doesn't drop anything)

    Recipe: all Ore based factories changed...
  7. Update Patch Catch up

    New Textures for Wood Cutter, Component Factory, Investment Center 1, 2 and 3 (By Sparklink)
    New Factory added: Ancient Vault

    Removed Upgrade Fragments altogether
    Restored recipe back to its previous layout (Cobblestone, Lumber, Diamonds)
  8. Playing Catch up!

    Version 2.2
    * Renamed "Mineral" Factory drillers to Factory Collectors
    * made collection time slightly faster for block collecting
    * lowered build speed from 5 seconds to 2 seconds
    * Factory Station is now uncommon instead of common
    * Fixed crafting sound when making factories
    * Made investment factories generate faster
    * changed Collector factories graphics to be less "Boring"

    Factories Added:
    Galactic Mineral Collector

    Version 2.3
    New Additions:
    Upgrade Fragment...
  9. New Changes are happening!

    Buffs and Nurfs
    Idle Factory Workbench has received 4 tabs instead of 2, and now contains Minerals and Special tabs
    Component Factory, Salvager Mk.I, Mk.II, and Mk.III moved to the specials tab
    Ore Driller Timers buffed, meaning they will collect slightly faster
    Removed the red node wire spot from all factories, as this does not seem to work, however, a well placed Storage bridge, does

    New Factory Additions
    Invenstment Center Mk.I (Generates income)
    Invenstment Center...
  10. Recipe Balance

    Changed Recipes for all Factories (reduced Diamond costs)
    Changed Workstation info card