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Idle Factories BUILD 5 - PATCH 6

Factories which generates ores, liquids, crops, components, pixels, and a hole lot more!

  1. Playing Catch-up (Again)

    Oh man, I really need to get my priorities straight, I do one thing over another and what not, man, anyway, some new changes, if you dont like em, say, if not, like the mod ;)
    Added new radio messages for:-
    * When collecting a diamond
    * For crafting the Diamontine
    * For crafting the Factory building station
    * For collecting your first Amythyrium
    Added colour text to Empowered stones
    moved "Learnrecipeonpickup" from Diamontine to Factory Building Station
    Added an "Experimental" work station "Modifying Factory Station"
    Added 4 modified version of "Tier 1: Iron Driller" (Images are all the same but fear not)
    Returned Healing water back to Diamontine

    slighty increased Empowered gems and diamonds to drop
    All Ore Drillers now generate at 30 seconds, instead of 40
    added Diamontine to the Tier 6 ore driller

    Removed "production_time_over" which hopefully correct any inconsistency
    Adjusted ore drop weights yet again, to hopefully make common items MORE common, and the rare/legendary items more RARE
    Some factories have had there production time adjusted

    Added more Cultivators:
    * Rice
    * Corn
    * Cocoa
    * Potato
    * Pearlpea
    Changed Salvager times again and drops
    Returned the Crafting Tables UI icons and locations back:-
    * Miners
    * Miners 2
    * Resource Collectors
    * Pumps
    * Cultivators
    * Specials
    Returned the Echius Driller back to Miners 2

    And probably the rest, just a pointer, does not work on shipworlds or stations, but hoping to have that turned around
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