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Idle Factories BUILD 5 - PATCH 6

Factories which generates ores, liquids, crops, components, pixels, and a hole lot more!

  1. Patch updates

    Removed many recipes requiring previous tiered factories.
    Increased recipe values and qualities.
    Changed the ore drop weights again, hopefully to where I want it.
    Reverted back to ore only factory, this mean a Titanium factory will only collect Titanium ore along with the global drops (Copper, Silver, Gold, Core Fragments, Diamonds), this also means its a good idea to keep the lesser tiers.
    Reverted the recipe pixel amount to Investments centers from 5K, 10K and 25K, to 10K, 25K and 50K.
    Pumps recipes have changed slightly, and no longer require previous pumps as recipes.
    Lunar Driller is now more expensive.
    Component Factory no longer requires the OMSS as its recipe.

    Changed the Tier Drillers Drop Weights making Coal to spawn more often and diamonds to be even more less, this is still WIP and hopefully, to find a resonable balance, will keep track
    Made the Tiered Drillers generate 0.33x faster
    made the Cultivator: Wheat generate 3x faster
    made the OMSS spawn items 2x faster

    Added 2 new tabs for the factory workbench "Miners 2" and "Cultivation", changed the tabs around to fit more appropriately
    moved the Lunar Driller to "Miners 2" Tab
    Removed Tier 3 driller from the recipe "Salvager Mk.I"
    Changed recipe of Ancient vaults Investment center requirement "Mk.I" to "Mk.II"
    Reduced Investment Center recipe cost of pixels of Bank 2 to 10,000 from 25,000, and Bank 3 to 25,000 from 50,000 pixels respectively
    Added "EXPERIMENTAL" Cultivation factory "Cultivator: Wheat"
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