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Idle Factories - Frackin Add-on pack BUILD 3

This addon pack allows FU ore's to spawn, as well as recipe changes

  1. 2 new factories

    Added Neptunium to vanilla factories levels 3 and up
    Added Thorium to vanilla factories levels 4 and up
    Mountain Driller time slowed
    Added new factory: Penumbra Driller
    Added new factory: Protocite Driller
  2. No more radio's for you!

    This Patch ties in with IF-base mod
  3. Speed change

    Lunari Driller now cycles 40 seconds instead of 30 (because it only makes 4 random items)
    Zerchesium Driller now cycles 15 seconds instead of 30, due to its abnormality and the fact is has many random items
  4. Mountainous fix.... again

    Fixed issue that made Mountainous factory spew out ores too fast
  5. Ore Weights

    Changed factory ore weights to reflect better
  6. Ooops, I did it again!

    But this time, I forgot to add "Ore" at the end of some materials ¬_¬
    Mountainous factory should work as intended..... hopefully
  7. Recipe Patch

    Failed to add Topazite to the required recipe for Mountainous Driller
  8. 2 New factories added

    Hi everyone, working on some new factories for the time being, and before anyone asks, yes, they are using the IdleFactory assets, as many times in the past, I'm no artist, but people are allowed (and encouraged) to design the new factory assets, and will be 100% credited for their work.

    Anyway, here are the patch notes:
    Factories 1 through 6 have had their Magnesium ore lowered, so it spawns less
    Crystalline Factory added
    Mountainous Factory added
  9. Recipe Reduction

    Reduced the Magnesium powder and Electromagnet requirements for Diamontine in half