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Hyper Light Drifter HUD 2017-06-21

Change original Starbound [1.3.1] HUD

  1. Black Rose
    Black Rose
    Version: 2017-06-21
    I REALLY like this new interface, but there are a couple slight problems I encountered during my experiences while playing with this mod, and I'll explain them.

    First off, there's the RARITY COLOR VISIBILITY. It's not hard to see why this is an actual problem, the color palette that's being used is too dark and I can barely see any differences between the RARE and LEGENDARY items. I am sure many other people see this too and want it to change soon.

    This is the second one and it is REALLY IMPORTANT, the OTHER SETTINGS BUTTON (idk how it's called really) ISN'T SUPPORTED BY THIS MOD, which actually means, there is a blank space between the mech button and the one that goes above. This is a big issue, because I am a Spawnable Item Pack user, and that button does not only contain the SIP interface, it also contains the configurator and the Matter Manipulator upgrades interface. I hope this issue gets fixed ASAP.

    The third problem isn't as bad as the first two but it bothers me somehow, THE ITEM HOTBAR DOESN'T LOOK SMOOTH ENOUGH. There are really square corners, no "real" visible corners, the Matter Manipulator doesn't have them either and the icons used for it's functions are a bit too 8bit. As I said, this might only bother me but maybe you see it too and might do something about it too.

    As I said I really like this mod, those are words from true Hyper Light Drifter fan. I hope you can understand :3
  2. Megsoiluj
    Version: 2017-06-21
    I'm just in love with this interface.

    Since the alpha, it always seemed to me that something was missing to make the HUD more attractive. This is simply perfect, and very professional. The developers should take a look to adapt the official to something more like this.

    Thanks so much!!
  3. Antej
    Version: 2017-06-21
    I've been waiting for the 1.3 update so much! Thanks for the mod and great job! :D