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Hylotl Hatmaking Bench 1.5 for Pleased Giraffe

Modify Hats, Helmets, Circlets, Masks and Glasses for Hylotl

  1. 1.1 for Upbeat Giraffe: Now 16 total modifiable hats (up from 5) + art updates for two of them.

    Caustic Stag,
    Crown (fairy outfit),
    A Fancy Hat,
    Hazmat Mask,
    Insidious Mask,
    Pirate Bandana,
    Predatory Mask,
    Reed Hat,
    Strawberry Hat,
    Vicious Mask.

    Tweaked: Safety Helmet, Wild Fungus Cap. Closer to original shapes for better look but still without blocking eye number three.
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