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Hylian Weapons of Legends (1.3.3 Version) 0.6.0

Craft weapons, items, armors, etc. from The Legend of Zelda series!

  1. Bug Fixes & Updates 1.3.3

    I have been absent from Starbound for a year because of rough times in the past few years getting the better of me. I just couldn't spend as much time as I wanted to on my mod. I recently noticed a new Zelda mod called Zelda Gear which is interesting, but sadly it is its own thing. The one main issue I have with modding is that when someone makes something, then you have to go out of you way to make sure it doesn't look like theirs while still making your own modded assets unique. Anyways...
  2. FU compatibility hotfix

    I swear every time my mod is non compatible with Frackin Universe it is because an item of mine is named exactly the same as something in that mod. It really annoys me, but I renamed my powderkeg to mmpowderkeg in the code.

    • powderkeg code named changed to mmpowderkeg
    • Recipes for Kokiri Emerald, Goron Ruby, and Zora Sapphire

    HEY! LISTEN! :heylisten:

    If you can't provide a...
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  3. 1.1 hotfixes

    HEY! LISTEN! :heylisten:

    I am aware of the slingshot alt ability firing backwards when you use it to the left. And thanks to @Silvia Freeze for doing bug tests for me~ <3


    • Hookshots and Longshot
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  4. Gotta go Faster Faster Fasterfasterfaster!

    So, I added in the Bunny Hood from both Ocarina of Time/Majora's Mask and it gives you a speed boost when you equip it! I added in a few more goodies as well and some changes. A lot of stuff is still WIP (like the Gerudo Polearm) and added upon or changed. I am aware that the lights are probably too bright on some of the fairies. I am working on that. I just didn't want to delay the next update any longer...

    Once again thanks to @shadowd15 for helping me out with some of...
  5. Sprite Changes

    LOOK! :heylisten:


    • Navi sprite change by @shadowd15
    • Phantom Sword one-handed (Phantom Hourglass)
    • Wind Waker Mirror Shield
    • Old Dominion Rod and Dominion Rod sprite updates by @shadowd15
    • Mirror of Twilight sprite updates by...
  6. True Master Sword Hotfix

    I forgot to take the "baserotation" code off on the truemastersword.activeitem

    • True Master Sword idle position


    If there are any other bugs of crashes let me know in the discussion and I will see if I can fix them asap.
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  7. OoT Boomerang Hotfix

    I don't know what happened, but apparently my boomerang wouldn't register
    the physical type of damage so I had to change it back to hammer.

    • OoT (Ocarina of Time) Boomerang


    If there are any other bugs of crashes let me know in the discussion guys and gals.
  8. Breath of the Wild Change II

    • Longshot that actually fires twice the length of the hookshot
    • Great Fairy Sword damage area fixed
    • Swoosh animation position of swords fixed
    • One-handed versions of the Master Sword etc.

    *You can alter the one-handed versions of the two-handed swords (except the Great Fairy Sword) at
    the Phantom Hourglass*


    If there are any other bugs of crashes let me know in the discussion guys...
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  9. Breath of the Wild Cook~

    Cooking with Link~

    When you burn everything just right all while humming a familiar tune! ^_^\

    Anyways I made some recipes changes. I needed to fix the recipe for the Fairy Slingshot. I decided to put some more thought into the other recipes too now that I don't have to worry about fixes.

    As always if there is a bug or something crashes please notify me in the discussion and not in a review. I would also appreciate any feedback on the power of the weapons for progression because I would...
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  10. Breath of the Wild Change~

    So, it's been awhile since I last updated (Glad Giraffe) and I am half and half on the 1.0 changes. I really like the new bow and staff mechanics, but I am upset that all the old staves were scrapped... It's been a rough week of non-stop fixes and changes and a lot of stuff in my mod have changed for the better or worse. I tried to salvage as much of the charm as possible while giving it a breath of fresh air. I hope the new changes are fun and I plan on doing some balancing on the weapons...