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Hylian Weapons of Legends (1.3.3 Version) 0.6.0

Craft weapons, items, armors, etc. from The Legend of Zelda series!

  1. Bug Fixes & Updates 1.3.3

    I have been absent from Starbound for a year because of rough times in the past few years getting the better of me. I just couldn't spend as much time as I wanted to on my mod. I recently noticed a new Zelda mod called Zelda Gear which is interesting, but sadly it is its own thing. The one main issue I have with modding is that when someone makes something, then you have to go out of you way to make sure it doesn't look like theirs while still making your own modded assets unique. Anyways the short list of fixes below~ :heylisten:

    Changes~ :heylisten:
    • Fairy Slingshot sprite and bug fixes (It finally works the intended way!)
    • Ocarina of Time Boomerang fix
    • Deku Seeds behavior change
    • Navi, Tatl, Tael, Healing Fairy light back items can now protect you from radiation, heat, cold, and allow you to breathe air!

    HEY! LISTEN! :heylisten:

    If there are any other bugs of crashes let me know in the discussion and I will see if I can fix them asap.

    Also I am looking for someone who knows how to do lua scripting and someone who knows how to sprite especially armors and weapons!
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