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Hylian Weapons of Legends (1.3.3 Version) 0.6.0

Craft weapons, items, armors, etc. from The Legend of Zelda series!

  1. Gotta go Faster Faster Fasterfasterfaster!

    So, I added in the Bunny Hood from both Ocarina of Time/Majora's Mask and it gives you a speed boost when you equip it! I added in a few more goodies as well and some changes. A lot of stuff is still WIP (like the Gerudo Polearm) and added upon or changed. I am aware that the lights are probably too bright on some of the fairies. I am working on that. I just didn't want to delay the next update any longer...

    Once again thanks to @shadowd15 for helping me out with some of the new stuff~

    Changes~ :heylisten:
    • Recipes
    • Dps on weapons
    • Mirror of Twilight sprites
    • Harp of Ages updated sprites
    • Phantom Sword from Phantom Hourglass
    • Hookshot and Longshot sounds
    New~ :heylisten:
    • Bunny Hood (OoT/MM)
    • Spirit Flute
    • Hyrule Warriors Impa's Naginatas (Guardian, Scorching, and Sheikah)
    • Tatl, Tael, Healing Fairy back items
    • Augments on back items
    • Roc Cape now glides
    • Gerudo Polearm WIP (The alt ability is a placeholder for now)
    The next update I am going to focus on restoring some of the staff secondary alt abilities. I am also going to start doing the armor like the tunics as well.

    HEY! LISTEN! :heylisten:

    If there are any other bugs of crashes let me know in the discussion and I will see if I can fix them asap.
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