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Outdated Hydrocraft v1.9

Add-on Recipies to other mods.

  1. Hydromancerx
    Version 1.9
    Compatible with Enraged Koala.
    by Hydromancerx

    is my own personal mod that added a bunch of crafting recipes.

    Included so far ...


    New Objects
    • Hydro's Crafting Table
    • Landing Pod
    • Space Shuttle
    • Design Studio
    • Chemistry Lab
    • Electronics Lab
    • Factory
    New Items
    • Facial Recondition Software
    • Gesture Recondition Software
    • Voice Recondition Software
    • Flash Memory Device
    • Plastic
    • Floppy Disk
    • Aluminum Bars
    • Graphine
    • Metamaterials
    • Hellium 3
    • Bioplastic
    • Microgenerator
    • Plasma Generator
    • Organic Photonic Cells
    • Nanotubes
    • Liquid Metal
    • Internal Shockwave Engine
    • Magnet
    • Resin
    • Oil
    • Biofuel
    • Silicon
    New Recipes
    • 1 Oil + 1 Resin = 1 Plastic
    • 1 Plastic = 3 Walls Panels
    • 1 Clay = 3 Roof Tiles
    • 1 Clay = 3 Bricks
    • 10 Tar = 1 Oil
    • 1 Glass +1 Copper Bar + 1 Iron Bar + 1 Plant Fiber = 5 Light Bulbs
    • 3 Circuit Boards = 1 Junk Tech Block
    • 1 Junk Tech Block = 3 Circuit Boards
    • 9 Steel Blocks = 1 Bunker Vent
    • 15 Steel Blocks = 1 Metal Crate
    • 2 Iron Bar = 1 Magnet
    • 10 Corn = 1 Biofuel
    • 10 Potatoes = 1 Biofuel
    • 10 Sugar = 1 Biofuel
    I plan to add more recipes in the future. Note these are mainly for my own game for things that were just easier to set as a recipe than to manually convert by hand.

    Mod Pack Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before including this mod in a compilation.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    Do not alter or redistribute the assets included in this mod.
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Recent Reviews

  1. HawkFareye
    Version: v1.9
    I don't understand some of the items functions, I made an internal shockwave engine but can't find a use for it. I thought it was going to be like a cool placeable item but as of yet I can't figure out a lot of the mods items. Hope that they will be used in something in the future!
  2. wofofofo
    Version: v1.9
    the Shuttle is useless
    1. Hydromancerx
      Author's Response
      It is decorative.
  3. silentdiety
    Version: v1.6
    looks great but what do i do when the download opens a note pad and not a zip file?
    1. Hydromancerx
      Author's Response
      Its a WinRAR file not a notepad file.
  4. Bane23
    Version: v1.5
    Looks cool but it doesnt want to work for me :(
    Everytime crashed my game.
    1. Hydromancerx
      Author's Response
      Do you have Frackin Flora, Starfoundry and General Store Mods? It will not work without those mods.
  5. ThaOneDon
    Version: v1.3
  6. DraconX
    Version: v1.2
    Very nice mod, I don't know why people didn't vote on it! I use many other mods and this one didn't cause any trouble !