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Hunting+ Wildfire v2.3.15

An overhaul to the hunting aspect of the game.

  1. Trapping Overhaul, Several Fixes, Pets, New Monsters

    • Revamped Trapping
      • Monsters no longer have 99.9% protection
      • However, you will get more drops if you let a trap kill a monster (they deal damage over time now) over if you kill them with just a weapon
      • A new trap for every tier
      • Fibre Net and Glow Net trap have been discontinued, please discard them as I will completely remove them in a few updates and if they're placed you won't be able to place anything where they used to be placed
      • A monster killed with...
  2. Ancient Power Cell Fix

    • Forgot to actually make the new endgame item sprite unique (in appearance) - that's done now.
  3. Miniboss Health Bar Fix

    • Fixed miniboss health bar display (I forgot to change it when copying it from the lua my motherpoptop was using)
  4. Crtter Fixes

    • Added the critter skinning drop pool to foxes (I forgot it originally)
    • Several hostile critter fixes
    • Possible Bluejay conflict fixes (may break forest biomes where they spawned before)
  5. Bluejay Fixed and Munari Support

    • Fixed the Bluejay critter
    • Changed the critter net drop pool names - this shouldn't effect anything though
    • Munari support
  6. Misc Changes

    • Reduced generated monster spawnrates from 6% to 3% (the vanilla percentage as well)
    • All races (even modded races) will now start with the first hunting guide
    • Made minibosses display a health bar
    • Changed the critter collection technical name to hopefully avoid conflicts (you may need to pick up all the cages again)
    • Minor changes to endgame content
  7. Hopefully fixed any mod conflicts with monsters - and more!

    • Added unique Draconis and Avali race hunting weapons (I plan to do more races in the future)
    • Made Mother Poptop slightly smaller and with higher protection
    • Hopefully fully fixed FU monster issues
    • Removed the ability to craft makeshift weapons at anvils (you can only do it in bare hands and at an inventor's table now)
    • Changed the Bunny and Hare skinning pools
    • Wild hens no longer drop meat and only drop 1 feather on death if killed by a normal weapon
    • Wild robot hens...
  8. Hotfix

    Yeah...I kind of have an issue with not testing the end dungeon again after I change something that may affect it. So it's fixed!
  9. Craft Spears Anywhere, Short Lived Monsters-Breaking-Stuff, and Erchius Ghost Fixes

    • Made all throwing spears craftable in the normal 'C' (bare hands) menu, as well as anvils still
    • Fixed Erchius Ghost (The patch had a number of flaws that would cause issues)
    • Removed the ability for monsters to smash doors (and mini bosses to smash everything) - this is now a seperate mod you can find here, an addon for Hunting+ to re-add mini boss terrain smashing is also provided on the page (but...
  10. Major Fixes to End Mission and Minor Fixes to Aegisalt/Solarium Bow

    • Tweaked Solarium and Aegisalt bow (I patched them weirdly because I thought they worked certain way, but they don't) - this is mostly to prevent possible conflictions of some kind
    • Fixed and improved the final mission (I forgot to move the spawn back to the start...good job me - also there were hundreds of NPCs for some reason - everything is a bit smoother now too)
    • Added Lava Immunity augment
    • Fixed some NPC lines
    • Reduced knockback of hunting knives
    • Reduced chance of...