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Hunting+ Wildfire v2.3.15

An overhaul to the hunting aspect of the game.

  1. Final Mission/Dungeon Improvements and Halloween Event Over

    • Added new Tier 6 shield
    • Final mission/dungeon changes
      • Improved performance
      • Improved quest direction
      • Added a new cutscene during the boss fight
      • Misc other improvements
    • Halloween event
      • Monsters will no longer drop souls
      • Jack O' Pumpkin seeds are no longer available at the Terramart
      • Recipes have been disabled
      • Note: You will not lose any items/objects you crafted (unless the mod is installed of course), you...
  2. Tar Block Patch Tweak

    • Tweaked patch for tar block slightly
  3. Jackopumpkin Harvesting Fix

    • Halloween Event
      • Fixed jackopumpkin erroring out when being harvested
  4. Event Item Distribution Hotfix

    • Fixed event item distribution treasure pool
  5. Duplicate Aegisalt Bow Recipe Hotfix

    • Fixed Aegisalt Bow recipe showing up twice
  6. Fixes, Tweaks, and Halloween Event Returns

    • Fixed the Solarium Bow crafting recipe outputting the Aegisalt Bow
    • Tweaks to Solarium Hunting Spear alt ability
    • Fixed craftable pets (again)
    • Disabled left over Christmas recipes I never disabled
    • Halloween Event (Available until 11/9/2018) (Sorry about making it a little late)
      • Grow pumpkins (Seeds purchased at Terra Mart)
      • Harvest Monster Souls with weapons (The chance of getting nothing from kills is now replaced with this)
      • Temporarily...
  7. Hunting Knife Hotfix

    • Fixed unable to instantiate Occassus Hunting Knife
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  8. Energy Spear Hotfix

    • Fixed missing "energy spear" asset
  9. Rebalancing and Sprite Changes

    • Rebalanced hunting knives based on the average damage of the randomly-generated shortsword range of damage
    • Rebalanced hunting rifles based on the average damage of the randomly-generated sniper rifle range of damage
    • Rebalanced hunting pistols based on the average damage of the randomly-generated pistol range of damage
    • Fixed Solarium Hunting Revolver and Solarium Hunting Pistol being Tier 5 and not Tier 6
    • Updated the sprites for Violium and Solarium Hunting Knives and...
  10. Technical and visual tweaks

    • Minor tweaks to the description displayed on EPP augments
    • A slightly new look to the Feather item
    • Tweaks to hunting pistol sprites
    • Fixed some (hopefully all) remaining bow2-bow6 damage type issues