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Hunting+ Wildfire v2.3.15

An overhaul to the hunting aspect of the game.

  1. Misc Changes and a Halloween Event

    • Removed knockback from hunting knives
    • 'Removed' Makeshift Hunting (throwable) Spear (As in it was a patch to the base throwable, which I now replaced with the 'Copper' one, and deleted the original Copper spear - if you're confused don't worry about it)
    • Replaced Core Fragments appearing in abandoned mineshaft chests with Coal, so now you need to hunt the Mother Poptop (or mine for it)
    • Other minor spawn pool changes
    • Reduced chance of getting nothing when killing a monster via weapon slightly, increasing the chance of getting crafting materials slightly
    • Rebalanced Hunting Knives
    • Permanently made the Bone set craftable without needing blueprints first
    • Revamped Mother Poptop fight slightly
    • Halloween event (Since it is coming so late, it will be available until 11/18/17)
      • Grow pumpkins (Seeds purchased at Terra Mart)
      • Harvest Monster Souls with weapons (The chance of getting nothing from kills is now replaced with this)
      • Temporarily have the ability to craft powerful late game weapons
      • Craft the Gothic, Spooky, and (the Beta) Heck furniture sets from the start (without needing to unlock or buy each set)
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