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Hunting+ Wildfire v2.3.15

An overhaul to the hunting aspect of the game.

  1. Trapping Overhaul, Several Fixes, Pets, New Monsters

    • Revamped Trapping
      • Monsters no longer have 99.9% protection
      • However, you will get more drops if you let a trap kill a monster (they deal damage over time now) over if you kill them with just a weapon
      • A new trap for every tier
      • Fibre Net and Glow Net trap have been discontinued, please discard them as I will completely remove them in a few updates and if they're placed you won't be able to place anything where they used to be placed
      • A monster killed with throwable spears/trapping pouch will also yield the same loot as they would if killed by a trap
    • Completely fixed light bow
    • Upgradeable bows now inflict unique status effects rather than vulnerability
    • Added 5 new lunar creatures
    • All races can craft hunting knives and hunting spears by default again - although many races still have weapons unique to them (if you like to stick to racial lore) - Happy hunting!
    • Added craftable pets based on mythology/legend/fantasy as the alternative to staves/wands (manipulator/magic path)
    • Completely fixed wild farm animals
    • Finally fixed small fish (it was such an easy fix I never saw)
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