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Hunting Knives 1.1

Adds craftable Hunting Knives, based on the pre-Cheerful Giraffe weapon

  1. florinblain
    starbound_huntingknife_mod_01.png starbound_huntingknife_mod_02.png

    Another tiny mod. Adds a Hunting Knife weapon which can be crafted at the Foraging Table. The weapon roughly mirrors the effects of the Hunting Knife that was removed in Cheerful Giraffe; it's a Tier 1 iron weapon which takes 5 Iron Bars and 2 Timber to craft, has 10 DPS, and monsters killed with it will drop from hunting.treasurepools rather than monster.treasurepools. The weapon sprite is based on the old Hunting Knife, but this version of the Hunting Knife is a 1-handed dagger rather than a 2-handed sword (?) and behaves accordingly.

    This mod uses a bit of a hack; the Hunting Knife deals bow-type damage to get monsters to use the correct treasure pool, because the only alternative as far as I could see was to patch every single monster file. I don't know if this will have any unusual effects (aside from some incorrect graphical/sound hit effects, perhaps), please let me know if you notice anything odd.

    Since it's a Tier 1 weapon it will become fairly crappy in higher threat areas, and I may add a Tier 4 durasteel version for the Agricultural Station.

    1.1: Did exactly this. Tier 4 Durasteel Hunting Knife now craftable at Agricultural Station for 5 Durasteel Bars, 2 Iron Bars. Still not amazingly strong on a Tier 6 world, but it's not meant to be. Sprite is just a durasteel recolour, a la the Fishing Rod; may give it a unique sprite later.

    Have fun.
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Recent Updates

  1. Added Tier 4 variant