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Outdated Human Layered Shuttle - Outdated 2014-05-17

Experimental mod adding layers to vanilla human ship

  1. Storm_UK
    Human version of my earlier Glitch ship odd which expands the vanilla ship with additional 'layers' to port and starboard.


    As usual with ship modifications, it is highly recommended you backup your characters original .shipworld files before using this, and move any items you want to keep off the ship or out of storage to a planetside location. Once backed up in a safe location, delete the human characters current .shipworld files, and this mod should replace the vanilla ship accordingly.

    You will find a Human Ship Key in the ships onboard storage unit.
    On pickup, this will unlock a new tech, Security ID. Once locked in and whilst this tech is active you will be able to use the doors against the background wall or exits marked on the floor which will lead you to another layer of the ship by pressing "F" whilst near such a door or exit. A new Human character will find gain an addiitonal initial quest about this key.

    Additional/modified objects
    The 'warp drive' and doors/hatches are indestructible.
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Anyone can use this mod in their mod compilation without the author's consent.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    Anyone can alter/redistribute the mod's assets without the author's consent.
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Recent Reviews

  1. Cryptoid
    Version: 2014-05-17
    This is what ship expansion should be. Could you update it for the current version?
  2. Waddington
    Version: 2014-05-17
    This Idea is amazing and should be put into the game its self! Would love to see more dimensions in the game i.e planet fore ground, background and center.
  3. Omnija
    Version: 2014-05-17
    I really hope this becomes a vanilla release since, were all thinking it... Ship expansion looks stupid as F***. I hope you keep updating this mod, since it looks great.
  4. Kritik
    Version: 2014-05-17
    Excellent, although blueDice is a load of crap.
  5. blueDice
    Version: 2014-05-17
    Nice but many player donĀ“t use this mod because it is a mod and she like to wait than to use mods.
  6. CelticImp
    Version: 2014-05-17
    this is probably one of my favorite mods. I really hope they work this into the game for all ships/buildings.
  7. Crawford Dale
    Crawford Dale
    Version: 2014-05-17
    Excellent work!
  8. Ilusiveman
    Version: 2014-05-17
  9. Momentousmario
    Version: 2014-05-17
    This one works! but the glitch one doesn't :<
  10. SSpanzer
    Version: 2014-05-17
    fun mod! good work