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Hull Plating Blocks & More 35.0 (Concrete Tileset)

Blocks that resemble parts from ship backgrounds, plus some other odds and ends.

  1. Anybody Need Some Plastic Blocks Around Here?

    This small update adds a new recipe that's always available: Plastic Ship Hull Paneling.

    This is probably the most plain looking block in the mod, with no decoration and a strong tendency to take paint.

    It can be made from either 5 Plant Fibre for 3 blocks or 10 oil for 1 block.

    Here's what it looks like:
    Hull Plating Blocks (Plastic).jpg

    Hehe. Now I've got a use for the approximately 5000 Plant Fibre I've saved up.
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  2. Ship Trim Has Arrived!

    I've added at least one new block for each race that mimics the trim around the living spaces of Starbound ships. These are made from racial Hull Plating blocks and their recipes are learned by holding racial Hull Plating blocks

    Florans got two new blocks (three, counting rusty!) and the novakid got one for each type of their Hull Plating.

    Please note, Ship Trim is designed to be placed over the top of background Hull Plating. It will look strange by itself, because a character standing...
  3. Ship Door and Hatch Frame Blocks

    I think this image says it all:
    Hull Plating Blocks (Ship Door Frame).jpg

    But for those that like to read, I've made a new pair of blocks that mimic the door and hatch frames found on Starbound ships.

    I did my best to get the coloring as close as possible (blocks darken when you place them in the background), but there's still a very, very small difference.

    +80% Brightness and +70% Contrast is almost a total reversal of what Starbound is doing with background blocks. I wish I could see the color...
  4. Now Sold at a Terramart Near You!

    This small update allows you to buy any of the racial Hull Plating from the Terramart at the Outpost. for 25 pixels each

    But wait! There's more!

    Now, simply holding any of the racial Hull Plating will teach you the blueprint.

    This is in addition to learning the recipes via the Portable Pixel Printer.

    No longer will a small update to this mod require a new Portable Pixel Printer. Hurrah!

    Now if I can just sort out the issues with the ship trim I can release it without...
  5. Argh. I Forgot the Paint...

    Apparently, in the previous fix, I forgot the painted version.

    I hope that maybe, just maybe, I've finally got the Carbon Fiber Hull Plating right.

    In theory, I have. I tested to be sure. I hope I haven't missed anything.

    Argh. ;-)
  6. Very small fix to the Carbon Fiber Hull Plating texture

    This should correct the bug pointed out by Zoomah.

    It was a strange one that only affected Carbon Fiber blocks when they were placed as a background wall.
  7. Brass Pipe (As Seen on Novakid Ships)

    This update adds a single new block type: Brass Pipe. It closely resembles the piping found on Novakid ships.

    It's craftable from and the recipe learned from holding Novakid Brass Hull Plating.

    Hull Plating Blocks (Brass Pipe).jpg
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  8. Carbon Fiber Hull Plating

    This update adds Carbon Fiber Hull Plating, made from either coal or oil at a Robotic Crafting Table.

    I want to make special note of the fact that this block is affected by paint much more than others, so each color is much deeper.

    The unpainted version is a white carbon fiber, but you can get the more typical black by painting it.

    Hull Plating Blocks (Carbon Fiber).jpg
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  9. Drywall, woo!

    I just finished the drywall block.

    It's automatically available and made from Unrefined Wood and Paper.

    It's appearance varies more than the other blocks, too. It looks slightly messy around the edges in places, just as one would expect.
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  10. Ore-Derived Hull Plating

    This update adds Hull Plating blocks for the various ores and compounds. They're automatically available, but can only be crafted at a crafting table.

    The soft metals can be made into hull plating at a Wooden Crafting Table:
    • Copper
    • Silver
    • Gold
    • Platinum
    The harder metals require an Iron Crafting Table:
    • Iron
    • Steel
    • Titanium
    • Durasteel
    • Rubium
    • Aegisalt
    • Violium
    • Cerulium
    • Ferozium
    • Impervium
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