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Hull Plating Blocks & More 35.0 (Concrete Tileset)

Blocks that resemble parts from ship backgrounds, plus some other odds and ends.

  1. Heat Sinks, For Making Your Star Ship Cool

    This update adds 7 new blocks that are all heat sinks taken or modified from heat sinks found on the default Starbound ships. They can be purchased the Terramart or you can make a new Portable Pixel Printer. Holding one will teach you the recipe.

    There's one generic heat sink, two Avian, two Glitch, one Human and one Hylotl.

    Here's the new demo/sampler images for the overview:
    Hull Plating Blocks (Racial Ship).jpg
    Hull Plating Blocks (Special Blocks).jpg
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  2. Minor Bug Fix For Brass Pipe

    While building a new sampler/demo area to reduce the number of screenshots on the overview page, I stumbled across a small visual anomaly in the Brass Pipe. I fixed it.

    Aside from that, here's the new screenshots for the overview. They're not zoomed in as far, but they do show more of the blocks.

    Hull Plating Blocks (Races Apex-Human).jpg
    Hull Plating Blocks (Races Hylotl-Novakid).jpg
    Hull Plating Blocks (Ship Parts + Ore Carbon Fiber-Gold).jpg
    Hull Plating Blocks (Ore Platinum-Rubium).jpg
    Hull Plating Blocks (Ore Cerulium-Impervium).jpg
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  3. Fish Ship Blocks

    This update modifies the fish scale block to make the edges rougher.

    It also adds the complete set of complementing blocks, including another Hull Plating block, trim, platforms and wall panel.

    These blocks can be purchased from the Terramart or you can use a Portable Pixel Printer to obtain them. You learn the recipes by holding them.

    Hull Plating Blocks (Fish Ship).jpg
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  4. Rivetless Ore Hull Plating

    This update adds a number of ore-based blocks that are just copies of the other ore-based Hull Plating, but without rivets. They're made from the regular versions and the recipes are learned by holding said blocks.
  5. Rivetless Racial Hull Plating and a Small Reversion

    This update makes two changes, one small, one quite large.

    The first is to undo the changes made in the previous release.

    The second is to provide alternative, rivet-less versions of the racial Hull Plating blocks.

    Now you can choose between rivets and no rivets.

    Edit: Forgot to mention how to get them. They're available at the Terramart or from using a Portable Pixel Printer.
  6. Removed Background Corner Rivets

    This update is a small change to each Hull Plating block that has rivets. When placed in the background, corners will no longer have rivets.

    While playing with these blocks, I looked at the corners of my ship and kept saying, "What in the world is my ship riveted to?" So I removed the background rivets.

    The foreground rivets are still there and so are the end-cap rivets.
  7. Anybody Need to Build a Giant Fish?

    This update adds a single block: Fish Scale Plating You can buy it at the Terramart or build a Portable Pixel Printer to get it. Holding one will teach you the recipe.


    I'm probably going to modify the scale pattern slightly to make the edges more ragged, rather than so crisp and blocky.

    You can expect some more fish ship blocks in the near future, based on the old Hylotl fish ship.
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  8. Angled Glass Trim

    This update adds no new blocks. It just alters the artwork for glass trim to fix a visual oversight on my part.

    Basically, I've changed the corners to be diagonal, instead of blocky. Blocky seems fine for the other trim blocks, but not glass, which is more likely to be used as a cockpit window.

    Here's the new sampler/demo image for the overview page:
    Hull Plating Blocks (Ship Trim).jpg
  9. Ore-Derived Wall Panel!

    I've just finished adding ore-derived Wall Panel. You can make all of these from refined ores (bars/ingots/whatever) at crafting tables. The recipes are always available.

    Hull Plating Blocks (Ore Wall Panel).jpg

    Now for some fun. I think I'll take a break from modding and just play for a while. After all, I want to do more with these blocks than just demonstrate them. ;) Though I may do a little light modding to get some ship-building items I need (recipes for ship thrusters and what not)....
  10. Glass Wall Panel

    Yes, I love completeness.

    I also love how the new Glass Wall Panel looks when used as a replacement for a ship's background wall.

    Here's the new sampler/demo image for the overview page:
    Hull Plating Blocks (Wall Panel).jpg