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Hull Plating Blocks & More 35.0 (Concrete Tileset)

Blocks that resemble parts from ship backgrounds, plus some other odds and ends.

  1. simulatoralive
    Hull Plating Blocks & More

    This mod is abandoned. For more information, please read this post. For an up to date version of this mod, please visit this page or the steam version of the same.

    This simple mod adds a number of new blocks that resemble bits and pieces of the default Starbound ships, plus a few other odds and ends, like new Storage Locker variants, some new ship furniture to match blocks added by this mod and a series of tools for adding decorative material modifiers to blocks.

    Nearly all of these blocks have a single color center and some kind of border for the outer edges of the block patch. This plain interior expands as you add more blocks and the border moves out to the new edge.

    To make these blocks, you'll first have to build one of three Instant Mail Catalogs (Small, Medium or Large) from at the least some wood and a Teleporter Core at a crafting table (Small, Medium) or the Research Station (Large only). After that, you can order Plans from the catalog. Plans teach you a number of recipes just by holding them and are not used up in the process. Hang on to them and use them again when this mod updates with new blocks. Once you know the recipes, the blocks are made from various crafting stations in the game.

    The above is a block-based gold ship made with this mod.

    Racial Ship Blocks:
    From left to right, the above blocks are Apex, Avian, Floran (including Greenhouse Frame with Greenhouse Trim), Floran (Pink), Glitch, Human, Hylotl, Fish (old Hylotl ship). Novakid (Brass, including Brass Pipe), Novakid (Cream), Novakid (Cyan), Novakid (Green), Novakid (Red), Rusty (Alt Floran) and UFO (Dreadwing's Ship/Penguin).

    Ore-Derived Blocks:
    From left to right, the above blocks are Carbon Fiber (coal for the stone), Plastic, Copper, Iron, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Steel, Titanium, Durasteel, Violium, Aegisalt, Rubium, Cerulium, Ferozium and Impervium..

    Wacky Blocks:
    From left to right, the above blocks are Concrete, Cut Stone, Spring, Force Field, Monster, Core Fragment, Cardboard and Glass.

    Some extra stone and crystal blocks:
    From left to right, the above blocks are Rusty Iron Stone, Uranium Stone, Plutonium Stone, Solarium Stone, Violium Crystal, Aegisalt Crystal, Rubium Crystal and Solarium Crystal.

    Special Purpose Blocks:
    From left to right, the above blocks are Door Hatch Frame, Door Frame, Ship Engine Block, Dry Wall, Heat Sink, Leather, Cell Materia, Gelatin, Poison Gelatin, Healing Gelatin, Gelled Fuel, Video Screen Block, Chain Link Fence (Foreground) and Chain Link Fence (Background).

    Money Blocks:
    From left to right: Pixel Block, 1K Voxel Block, 2K Voxel Block, 5K Voxel Block and 10K Voxel Block.
    These blocks are made from pixels, Voxels (Voxel Blocks only; from equal or lesser values) and Pixel Blocks (Voxel Blocks only). Pixel Block can be made anywhere, while the others require a Pixel Compressor.

    These two show the Gemspark and Gemspark Trim blocks, which are blocks that glow much like neon signs (crafted by combining Glass Block, Diamond and varying numbers of the three colored flower petals):
    You can see a hint of colored light here and there in the above images, but all the colors mix to form white light so close together.

    This one shows off the Macrocircuits:
    Hull Plating Blocks (Macrocircuit).jpg

    This one shows Brass Pipe, which is crafted from Novakid Brass Hull Plating.

    This shows a small greenhouse made from blocks in this mod.

    This shows the new Ship Door Frame blocks with a human ship door. The Ship Hatch Frame blocks are simply rotated 90 degrees, appearance-wise.

    This one shows the material modifiers that can be placed on any block, using the various decorative tools in this mod:
    Please note that these are not objects. They sit in the same layer as ore and can be used to decorate literally any non-falling, non-platform block! The tools used to place these can be made at one of the Anvil, Metalwork Station or the Replicator. Between the choice of block and modifier, some very complex possibilities can be constructed.

    This shows off the effects of the Spray Paint Tools:

    This one shows the matching furniture for the racial blocks, above. Some is vanilla and some is new:

    This one shows the matching furniture for the ore-derived blocks, above:

    This one shows the matching furniture for the wacky blocks, above:
    Hull Plating Blocks (Wacky Ship Furniture).jpg

    Shows the matching ship engines for the racial blocks, above (obtained as part of a Ship In A Box):

    These two show the matching ship engines for the ore-derived blocks (obtained as part of a Ship In A Box):

    This one shows off the majority of the new Storage Locker variants:

    Current Features
    To be honest, this list doesn't cover everything.
    • Racial Ship Hull Blocks
      • At least one new block for each race's ship, with a matching color scheme, including the old fish-themed Hylotl ship.
      • Door and hatch blocks for the backgrounds of doors and hatches.
      • Ship Engine Blocks that look like some of the engines on Starbound ships.
      • Floran Greenhouse Frame blocks that make a nice border around glass.
    • Racial Ship Platforms
      • At least one new platform type for each race's ship, with a matching color scheme.
      • Crafted at any crafting table.
    • Racial Wall Panel and Striped Wall
      • At least two new blocks for each race's ship, with a matching color scheme.
    • Racial Ship Trim Blocks
      • Crafted at any crafting table.
    • Ore-Derived Ship Hull, Trim, Platform, Wall Panel and Striped Wall Blocks
      • Crafted at Stone Furnace
        • Glass (No Hull Plating)
      • Crafted at Anvil/Metalwork Station/Replicator
        • Copper
        • Iron
        • Silver
        • Gold
        • Platinum
      • Crafted at Metalwork Station/Replicator
        • Steel
        • Titanium
      • Crafted at Replicator
        • Durasteel
      • Crafted at Separator's Table
        • Violium
        • Impervium
      • Crafted at Accelerator's Table
        • Aegisalt
        • Ferozium
      • Crafted at Manipulator's Table
        • Rubium
        • Cerulium
      • Crafted at Robotic Crafting Table
        • Carbon Fiber
          • Made from Coal or Oil
        • Plastic
          • Made from Plant Fibre or Oil
    • Money Blocks
      • Craft-able Anywhere
        • Pixel Block (Made anywhere from 25 pixels)
      • Crafted at Pixel Compressor
        • 1K Voxel Block
        • 5K Voxel Block
        • 10K Voxel Block
        • Drops an equal value Voxel when broken
    • Wacky Blocks
      • Cardboard
        • Crafted from Paper at a Crafting Table.
      • Cell Mareria Block
        • Crafted from Cell Materia at a Crafting Table.
      • Core Fragment
        • Crafted from Core Fragment Ore at Anvil/Metalwork Station/Replicator.
        • Red Hot Cobblestone is made from Cobblestone and either Core Fragment Ore or Lava.
      • Gelatin Blocks
        • Gelatin crafted from Raw Steak/Bone/Leather in kitchen.
        • Crafted from Water/Healing Water/Poison + Gelatin in the kitchen (Water/Healing water) or a Crafting Table (Poison).
      • Gelled Fuel Block
        • Crafted from Liquid Erchius Fuel at a Robotic Crafting Station.
        • Made from 10 fuel and counts as 10 fuel in a ship's fuel tank.
      • Leather Block
        • Crafted from Leather at a Crafting Table.
      • Monster
        • Crafted from Hardened Monster Plate at a Crafting Table.
      • UFO (Based on Dreadwing's Ship)
        • Crafted from Dreadwing's Wreckage at a Robotic Crafting Table
      • Video Screen Block
        • Crafted from Plastic Ship Hull, Glass Block and a Circuit Board at the Wiring Station.
    • Storage Locker Variants
      • Racial, to match each tileset
      • Ore-Derived
      • Blocks
        • Many of these appear as a raised section of wall when placed over a matching block
      • Block Modifiers
        • Grass and other stuff that sits on top of normal blocks
      • Biomes
      • Liquids
      • Objects
      • Misc
        • Blueprint
        • Clothing
        • Capture Pod
        • Fabric
        • Spawner
    Future Plans
    • Improve the Cell Materia Block art.
      • Rough up the edges.
        • More tendril variation.
          • Missing tendrils.
          • Tendrils in slightly different places.
        • Trapped bubbles.
    • More Wacky Blocks
      • Blocks made from the nearly-useless junk found in the game, such as Matter Blocks, Leather, Fabric, Perfectly Generic Items, etc.
      • Scroll Blocks made from Paper. One horizontal and one vertical.
        • One block wide would be a roll of paper.
    • Corrugated Plating
      • Should look like the side of a shipping container.
        • There's a few of those in game to borrow art from.
      • This would be another variant block for each race/ore/wackycrafting item.
    • Hull Plating Variants
      • New rivet-less variant with sloped corners.
    • Add some place-able decorative objects.
      • Various types of visible damage.
        • Holes, cuts and scratches.
        • Hole with hanging wires.
        • Hole with hanging, sparking wires.
        • Burn marks.
        • Rust and corrosion.
        • Frost patches.
        • Decorative electrical outlets.
        • Some of these can be made by copying and modifying sections of the Tier 0 ship backgrounds and Dreadwing's UFO.
    Currently Known Issues
    Glass Ship Platforms render incorrectly when used to make stairs. I cannot currently fix this and it seems to be a limitation of the platform block template (it renders certain parts of stairs twice).

    Reporting Bugs
    Please report bugs in this thread.

    Material IDs and Material Modifier IDs
    This mod is using Material IDs in the range of 42000-42434.
    It's also using Material Modifier IDs in the range of 42000-42080.

    If someone else is currently using these Material IDs in their mod, please let me know in the discussion thread (report it like a bug).

    I picked them from the wiki's list of mod Material IDs because they were available and I like the number 42.

    Contributors to this Mod
    Pohany - The original Carbon Fiber Hull Plating base image.
    Zoomah - Graciously allowed me to re-purpose code from the Staff of Regrowth mod for the sake of making a tool to place Material Modifiers on blocks.
    HuggableCreep and thesidofevil - Allowed me to use (and heavily modify) a tile template they created for ship trim. The template file is found at "tiles/shiptrimtemplate.config" in the mod's folder.
    Storm_UK - I borrowed a little art from More Tiles and Greebles for the Rubium Eye Tool.
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Anyone can use this mod in their mod compilation without the author's consent.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    Anyone can alter/redistribute the mod's assets without the author's consent.

Recent Reviews

  1. Archilyte
    Version: 35.0 (Concrete Tileset)
    YASSSSSS! Finally, just the mod I need for my opulent (violium) spaceship!
    1. simulatoralive
      Author's Response
  2. Chibi
    Version: 35.0 (Concrete Tileset)
    Does this work with 1.0? I really hope so, it's a great mod!
    1. simulatoralive
      Author's Response
      Theoretically most of it should still work. The main issue will be the recipes for everything, since they replaced all of the crafting stations.

      All I can say is, try it. You should still be able to spawn in blocks, tools and objects with admin commands, I think, but I have not tested. I'm not modding or even playing Starbound anymore.
  3. TheFloranChef
    Version: 35.0 (Concrete Tileset)
    One of my favorite mods. Thanks!
  4. LazerRay
    Version: 35.0 (Concrete Tileset)
    This is the perfect mod for those who like to customize everything and like the have a variety of options.

    I enjoyed being able to change out all the background blocks of my ship and having access to more parts as needed (mainly doors and lockers).

    Please don't let Hull Plating Blocks die because a bunch of cry-babies "need" a crafting station for everything, that is what the search bar and filters are for.

    If simulatoralive still plans to leave, hopefully someone can salvage this mod after the big Starbound update, or we will be stuck with boring looking ships/buildings again.
    1. simulatoralive
      Author's Response
      There is no "still plans to leave". I'm done with this mod. I have been for quite some time, now. I will not work on it again. The Starbound community is free to pick up where I left off.
  5. GeoGraf
    Version: 35.0 (Concrete Tileset)
    The mod is really Fantastic but there is a small problem

    You updated too much and quickly xD
    May I see but it is too confusing for the updates and version history.
    I do not see what version of what is gameversion
    Could you add the compatibility of the versions of the game?

    With warm greetings Geo :)
    1. simulatoralive
      Author's Response
      I don't entirely understand what you're asking, but anything from version 34.2 or higher of this mod is Glad Giraffe compatible.
  6. Alucard I
    Alucard I
    Version: 35.0 (Concrete Tileset)
    The variety is huge, but they are all basically recolors. While it adds a lot of creativity to any player's playthrough, it's a pain to use it, due to some materials being rare, incoherent list of craftables, that clusters the usual work bench, so it becomes hard to find ANYTHING BUT blocks from this mod, and, I'll give you that, no use, except if you want fancy looks for something.
    I recommend this mod only for those, who want to play Starbound just for building. Exclusively. Do not install this mod, if you just want to see what you can do. It's an absolute mess, and you will regret it.
    P.S. Dear author, you put a lot of work into that mod. At least spend some time on making a crafting bench exclusively for items from your mod.
    1. simulatoralive
      Author's Response
      I considered a crafting station for quite some time and decided against it, for a multitude of reasons, the first being that it will kill the play balance I've setup, unless I add at least five new crafting stations, which would in turn infuriate people for an entirely different reason.

      As for rare materials, I've been trying to add a tileset for nearly every crafting material in the game, so you can do something other than make armor with them. While it is true that you need a teleporter core to get started with this mod, that's a logical requirement for the Instant Mail Catalog.

      I have been holding off on moving the craft anywhere portions of this mod to the Anvil/Metalwork Station/Replicator, to give people the opportunity to comment on it in the discussion thread. No one has commented much at all, so I guess I'll just go ahead and do it.

      There will be a station for the large number of Storage Lockers, but I've yet to decide on a name or an approach to the artwork.
  7. Zoomah
    Version: 34.0 (Spray Paint)
    This mod was a simple addition of some blocks at first, but grew into something amazing. It always flashes me when you find new creative ideas and add them in. Keep up the great work!
  8. Nassak
    Version: 33.7 (Final Tool Fix)
    Amazing mod! I cant even play without this, the art is great and so much variation :D Dunno why, but Steel Cobblestone is CTD right now for me? No problem though, so much else to do!
    1. simulatoralive
      Author's Response
      If CTD = Crash To Desktop, then please duplicate this crash for me and post a copy of your Starbound log file in the discussion thread.

      I'll also need a list of the other mods you're using, so I can properly troubleshoot.
  9. chean
    Version: 30.2 (Ship Window)
    Lovely art, fantastic variety; an absolute must when using a customizable ship mod. Only thing I miss in it would be a slimmer, 1-tile wide option for the ship doors (standard ship doors feel rather too big and clunky if used e.g. to seal off small crew/tenant cabins).
  10. Monijir
    Version: 30.0 (Ore Engines)
    Ambitious, polished, and cohesive; can't recommend it enough.