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Hull Plating Blocks & More - Revived 37.00

It's back! Tilesets, tile modifiers, parts, furniture, and tools to create custom works.

  1. Read Me - 3 main changes

    Integrated More Craftable Blocks
    by capt_slowpoke
    Yes I have permission.
    It was outdated in some ways, and generates some errors
    I reassigned names and Material IDs, so they won't conflict even if you are subscribed to the original too. But in that case you'll have some duplicates.
    I think I fixed everything from that mod that couldn't be built thanks to needing outdated materials.

    FU BYOS compatible
    It wasn't...
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  2. Fixes and interface change

    I went over the recipes some.
    Fixed some misspelling causing issues.

    Mail Order Catalog has a tabbed interface now. Later I'll probably add an upgrade button(instead of "crafting" a higher tier), but I'm out of time at the moment.

    I wonder if the tools should be ordered now in the mail order catalog. I could add more tabs easily. Them being in "weapons" is a compromise to translate the old mod into how Starbound's stations are set up now....
  3. springvines hotfix

    Small hotfix for a single tile.