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Hover Hotrods Alpha 1.4.1 Glad Girrafe

Epic hover-vehicles for your non-standard-style hover-vehicle needs.

  1. DragonOfTheStars
    Welcome to Hover Hotrods, brought to you by Hover Co. (currently not part of the mod.)​

    This mod adds in custom hover-vehicles for your usage.

    The current additions are:
    • The Fireblitz Hoverbike
    • The Fireblitz - Ghostfire
    • The Fireblitz - Cursedfire
    • The Fireblitz - Demonblaze
    • The Junkyard Rider Hoverbike
    • The Novakid Nova Wagon (could be better, I need better spriting skills/patience)

    Hover Hotrods Showcase At Portal.jpg

    The Fireblitz is a would-be standard hoverbike, but with a black paintjob and fire-decals.
    As for the Ghostfire, Cursedfire, and Demonblaze, they're the same as the Fireblitz but with alternative fire colors of light blue, green, and purple. The Junkyard Rider is a junkyard maintenance vehicle for interstellar junkyards, supplied by Hover Co.

    As of now, these are the only vehicles, but to differentiate these bikes more, each one has a unique warp animation.

    The bikes can currently be found at the pirate in the outpost (lol forgot this in the original posting).

    This is my first mod entirely, and I plan on adding much more to it.

    Installation Instructions
    To install the mod, first click the download button at the top.
    Then, you must bring it to the giraffe_storage > mods folder in your starbound files, you can get there by going to your steam starbound properties and browsing your local files.
    Finally, use an unzipping program to unzip the .zip file, I recommend 7zip,WinRAR, or something of the like.

    Side Notes: I am unsure if this mod will work in multiplayer as I can't test this myself at the moment.

    This mod should be compatible with most other mods.

    Please tell me of any bugs, issues, incompatibilities, or the like.

    If anyone has any suggestions or tips I would gladly look over them when I can.

    Thank you, and enjoy the mod!

    Hover Hotrods Fireblitz Outpost.jpg
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Anyone can use this mod in their mod compilation without the author's consent.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before altering/redistributing any assets included in this mod.
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Recent Reviews

  1. MariosChris
    Version: Alpha 1.4.1 Glad Girrafe
    Good mod
  2. Herlan Lima
    Herlan Lima
    Version: Alpha 1.4.1 Glad Girrafe
  3. PufferPig
    Version: Alpha 1.4 (Glad Girrafe)
    Love this mod, great work on the hover bikes. What is the command to spawn the novakid wagon hover bike thing?
  4. Takota
    Version: Alpha 1.4 (Glad Girrafe)
    Awesome job Bro!!! Quick question, how do you spawn the wagon cause I didn't see the command for it. =D
  5. Eyb0ss
    Version: Alpha 1.1 (Glad Girrafe)
    Just amazing
  6. zeskorion
    Version: Alpha 1.0 (Glad Giraffe)
    1. DragonOfTheStars
      Author's Response
      Thanks :D