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Outdated Holiday Tree Mod 2014-01-19

A festive fir tree engineered for fast growth and medicinal golden fruit.

  1. Thundercraft

    Tired of having to slaughter countless critters - harmless or not - to get enough Holiday Spirit to build something impressive out of Candy Blocks?

    I realise the Holidays are practically over and there will be a new game patch soon, but here's something I created to make this a bit easier or fun.

    Holiday Tree: "A festive fir tree engineered for fast growth and medicinal golden fruit."

    These are dwarf trees that get no taller than wheat or grapes. Holiday Fruit strongly resemble the shiny gold balls that adorn many Christmas trees... except they are somehow edible, even medicinal and nutritious. In game terms, the food value is 80% of that of common foods like Grapes and Carrots. The healing rate is currently 125% of a common bandage (or 25% greater).

    Growth time is identical to Grapes and Potatoes. I belive this makes it about twice as long as Wheat. Harvest usually provides 1 Holiday Fruit, 1 seed, 1 Holiday Spirit, and 1 Unrefined Wood.

    Feedback is appreciated. I need to know if I should change the growth rate, drop rates, healing rate or food value. The race descriptions as each race examines the seed:

    Apex : "This tree is deceptive. Fruits are golden and sweet, but are not bananas."
    Avian: "Both festive and functional. Nice."
    Floran: "Ssslightly sssparkly tree. Sssomewhat edible."
    Glitch: "Disappointed. While the decoration is edible, there is no tin or tinsel."
    Human: "Ahh, the smell of a real Christmas tree! Genetically-engineered, that is..."
    Hylotl: "A partially authentic holiday tree with a gift of fruit. I'm partially impressed."


    To get the seed, one simply needs to 'make' one or more "Unusual Gift Box" or "Small Unusual Gift Box" and 'open' the boxes. (Hint: Small boxes require just 2 Holiday Spirit.) There's a good chance it will drop the seed in a stack of 3. Then plant and harvest as a typical farmable. Harvest provides some seeds. But if more seeds are desired, then make and open more boxes.

    As a side-effect, this cycle of opening lots of Small Unusual Gift Boxes and growing Holiday Trees results in an income of pixels (as well as a clutter of holiday stuff and nearly worthless candycane weapons).

    This uses the new __merge function. So it's a simple matter of extracting the .zip contents (the "holidaytree" folder) to your Starbound mods folder.

    Alternatively: This mod supports KrazyTheFox's Starbound Mod Manager, which makes it even easier to install, remove, and update mods.

    Note1: If you are actually sick of seeing Holiday Spirit (but wouldn't otherwise mind farming these trees) you might want to look at Gojira's Holiday Spirit to Pixels mod.

    Note2: The next game patch will probably remove the Toymaker's Table or at least remove Holiday Spirit from monster drops. I've already make a backup of the holiday-specific files. But if they only remove Holiday Spirit from monster drops, then it'd be simple for me to update this.

    If you have any feedback, suggestions or find a bug please post in the "Discussion" area.
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Anyone can use this mod in their mod compilation without the author's consent.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    Anyone can alter/redistribute the mod's assets without the author's consent.


    1. HolidayTree_scrn1.jpg
    2. HolidayTree_scrn3.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. pcawesomeness1
    Version: 2014-01-19
    looks good ill try it and tell you
  2. Mackinz
    Version: 2014-01-19
    Though in need of updating, this mod seems like a very nice, albeit small, addition to the game. I'm thinking about updating this myself. :)
    1. Thundercraft
      Author's Response
      Wow! Thanks for the review! I wasn't sure if anyone had enjoyed this. (No feedback.)

      Actually, I was working on a major update when I got distracted. The update would have added a new tree that glowed in the dark, with fruit that acted like a yellow stim. Also, it would have reintroduced ALL of the Christmas stuff that got removed - with a few changes, like having to use a special weapon to get Holiday Spirit and changing the unusual gift boxes to give some really nice stuff. It actually works in Angry. I'd have to update for Furious and balance the gift monster drops a bit.

      I reconsidered and figured everyone was tired of Christmas stuff. But if there actually is interest... Okay, I'll try to get an update out soon.