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Outdated Hole Drills 0.9.2

A drill on a rope. It digs a hole.

  1. Update for Enraged Koala

    Only changed the modinfo for now. I do have future plans to give this a proper inventory and making it dig deeper, but for now this will have to do.

    Sorry for taking so long fixing this, I've been busy with Starfoundry.
  2. Fixed item pickup

    • Now pick up items again
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  3. Update for Beta v. Furious Koala + changes

    • Drills are now slower (for balance). Copper drill drills 2 blocks per second. Silver and diamond drills go 4 blocks per second. Advantage of diamond drill is that it drills twice as far as silver, at the same speed.
    • Compatibility with Furious Koala
    • Drills now go through blocks properly, which also means prettier positioning while drilling.
    New bugs:
    • takeItemDrop is broken in this version of Furious Koala, meaning the item...
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  4. Visual/recipe changes + bugfix

    • New frames for silver and diamond hole drills
    • Silver is now crafted using iron bars (for the iron frame), diamond is crafted using platinum bars (for the platinum frame). May require you to pick up a new copper drill to learn these changed recipes.
    • Placement of little mailbox flag has been tweaked.
    • Fixed bug where you could pick up items while the drill was drilling.
  5. Big update, version 0.8, close to finished

    Added features:
    • Returns items on interaction rather than instantly
    • A small flag shows when there are items to be picked up
    • Silver drill, mines faster than the copper drill but only half as deep
    • Diamond drill, mines faster than the silver drill and just as deep as the copper drill
    • Can now be crafted at the tabula rasa if you have that mod
    • Uses 20 chains to craft instead of rope
    • Recipes for all the hole drills are learned by picking up a...
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  6. Features + bugfix

    Bugs fixed:
    • Object now displays correctly when flipped
    Features added:
    • Wiring. Wire to input to turn it on or off. Output is on while the object is drilling. That way you can see when it's finished drilling and on its way back up.
    • Sounds. Awful sound until I can find something better.
    • Particle effects. A pretty cloud of dust now surrounds the drill while it's drilling.
    • Back up for download on this site, not on external download link...
  7. Development update 0.2

    Added features:
    • Now picks up the blocks while drilling, and drops them when the drill is returned
    • Hole depth increased to 150 blocks (quite deep). Rope bugs out about 70 blocks down though, still.
    • Drill no longer disappears momentarily when jammed
    • Download is now external due to upload error on this site