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Outdated Hole Drills 0.9.2

A drill on a rope. It digs a hole.

  1. Big update, version 0.8, close to finished

    Added features:
    • Returns items on interaction rather than instantly
    • A small flag shows when there are items to be picked up
    • Silver drill, mines faster than the copper drill but only half as deep
    • Diamond drill, mines faster than the silver drill and just as deep as the copper drill
    • Can now be crafted at the tabula rasa if you have that mod
    • Uses 20 chains to craft instead of rope
    • Recipes for all the hole drills are learned by picking up a copper drill
    • Returns stacks of items instead of huge amounts of individual items
    • No longer restarts when the wire input is on and the drill has returned. Turn off and on again to restart.
    • Cleaned up the code, moved parameters from lua to .object file
    • Copper drill is slightly slower
    Bug fixes:
    • No longer spits out perfectly generic items (hopefully)
    • Drill movement/placement have been refined a LOT, should look much smoother now
    • Wiring now works better
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