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Hitch. The alternative timeline equivalent of Glitch 0.1.3

hitch race mod

  1. Hitch! The alternative timeline equivalent of Glitch! (0.1.2 and a half or something)

    I won't update anything in the following week.
    but there is small update :

    - I like Orbis and I have never seen him in game so... Now Orbis is ship pet!
    - Added armours for every basegame tier from 1-6 (but I still need to make non-human/other sprites for them. Baisicly just a note for me that i need to make them custom)
    - Now there is a chance that you will meet Hitch NPC in outpost!!!
    - Custom merchant! He sells white banners in two sizes and C4T-H4t
    - New C4T-H4t (which does nothing rn except existing)!
    - Hitch NPC spawner is now a thing if you want some party!
    - Finally there are 24 different hairstyles with no placeholders
    - Probably some more small thing you won't even notice because they have human race textures... Well I'll list them next time!

    Actually I made sprites for T1 armour but they are not 100% complete.
    Sorry for that.
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