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Hemp+ v0.14.2

Wanna grow your own weed farm? Now you can!

  1. Hemp Clothes

    Small update, added clothes with generic, simple sprites.
    Well, not really clothes, they're armor, T4 because why not.
    Craftable at the Spinning Wheel, or just purchased at the Dispensary.
    Um... they might be free, if you do it that way, though, 'cause I didn't add a price... but it's a lot of work to even get the Dispensary, so...

    Basically it's:
    Headscarf (like the vanilla scarf, but up a bit higher)
    Sleeveless Hoodie w/ Sock Sleeves (thanks Kawa!)
    Worn Jeans (no shoes because recipe logic)

    (Items shown on the left and center, stuff on the right isn't related, left dyes are vanilla and center dyes are vanilla/Frackin' Universe)
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