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Hemp+ v0.14.2

Wanna grow your own weed farm? Now you can!

  1. Dank Poptop (aka "Pottop"), friendly floran dispensary worker.

    Welcome to the other half of the Pandemic, congratulations on making it. Sorry if you didn't, we all could've handled it better.

    Anyway, I present to you a small update, bringing you the hinted at "Pottop", the dankest Poptop. They're supposedly found in forests, but you can find one for sure by growing one yourself! You can purchase the egg at the Dispensary for almost nothing (EarlyBird Discount or something), but beware! They're pretty angry about being stuck back in an eggshell just to be resold, so they may attack you. It may take them a moment to realize they've been put on the ground, but we've made sure the egg won't break until you're ready. For the most part. Pretty sure they make good pets.
    Screenshot_15 pottop egg.png Screenshot_16 dank poptop (pottop).png

    Also, welcome our first employee, a Floran to handle the walk-by Dispensary window! She's very excited to work there- more into growing than consuming, unsurprisingly, and that's why we chose her over the other applicants.
    Screenshot_17 dispensary worker.png

    Also seen here is Zoe, our Tour Guide for now- seen sporting an uncolored set of Hemp Clothing.
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