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Outdated Halo Ultra Halo Ultra V5.2

Spartans never die, they're just MIA.

  1. HaloUltraV2

    Mod Picture v3.png
    Added the following
    - 3 new colors (brown, pink, grey)
    - 2 new helmets (Hayabusa, Scout)
    - revamped armor
    - added dye system (via spray station based on MrMagicals dye bucket)
    - added 8 new guns (rocket launcher, battle rifle, carbine, sniper rifle, spiker, shotgun, plasmar rifle, brute plasma rifle)
    - added 343 Guilty Spark as follower (provides light)
    - added a Flood containment pod (decorative)

    Special Thanks to
    - Peasly Wellbott
    - Supermandrew
    - Wurmheart

    Next update will include
    - more guns
    - more stuff

    -extract files from .rar and put them in mods folder.
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