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Outdated Hair Accessoire color for Human and Apex 1.2B - Human + Apex

Bugfix: See your underware color. In your Hair!

  1. Annuschka
    This mod comes in two variants: Humans Only - Humans and Apex.

    What it adds for Humans:
    This little mod enables the "Undy Color" to be used by hairstyles with colorable decoration. I'm sure, this is the way it was meant to be, anyway. Because it works with all standard hairs (that have the "red" decoration). My guess is, this mod will be obsolete soon, when the official game gets fixed.

    You can now finally SEE what you choose.

    What it adds for Apex:
    Every fur color gets an own deco color. These are tied to the fur color. The colors are taken from the Apex clothes and go well with them. HOWEVER none of the standard apex hairs include an accessoire, so there will be no visible change unless you use a hairmod that includes decoration. See color chart below.


    Delete old versions first. Open the zip and drag and drop the folder "UndyAsHairDeco" (for Human only) or "HairAccessoireColor" (for both) into your mods folder like this:

    This mod uses merging and is compatible with any other mod that uses merging. And with all mods that do not change the human.species file, regardless of merging.
    This functionality is already a part of my AnTiHair mod.

    bodyColor is completely OVERWRITTEN with the new set of colors. This is potential for incombatibility to other mods that alter the Apex bodyColor. If your mod does: Feel free to copy over the apex code below.

    The intention of this mod is to give hair modders more opportunities and freedom.
    If you make a hairmod, feel free to add this mod either by using "dependencies" or copy it directly into your .species.
    The key-colors that will be colorized are the same red colors that Floran and Hylotl use. All four values are added.

    Manual merging:
    If you want to add human-undie-color manually to another, installed mod, that has a NONMERGING human.species file already:
    • Don't download UndyAsHairDeco
    • Add this line to your existing human.species file:
    • "altOptionAsHairColor" : true,
    • like this (somewhere near line 135):
    /// HUMAN.SPECIES  ...
          { "item" : "humantier10axe" },
          { "item" : "humantier10dagger" }
    "altOptionAsUndyColor" : true,
    "headOptionAsHairColor" : true,
    "altOptionAsHairColor" : true,
      "genders" : [
          "name" : "male",
          "image" : "/interface/title/male.png",
    To add Apex color simply replace the bodyColor section:
    "bodyColor" : [
        { "e0975c" : "7e5938", "a85636" : "5d3e25", "6f2919" : "422a18", "f32200" : "f4988c", "dc1f00" : "d93a3a", "be1b00" : "932625", "951500" : "601119" },
        { "e0975c" : "595760", "a85636" : "3f3e43", "6f2919" : "212123", "f32200" : "96cbe7", "dc1f00" : "5588d4", "be1b00" : "344495", "951500" : "1a1c51" },
        { "e0975c" : "d98f30", "a85636" : "a4601e", "6f2919" : "794515", "f32200" : "ffffa7", "dc1f00" : "e2c344", "be1b00" : "a46e06", "951500" : "642f00" },
        { "e0975c" : "8f4a24", "a85636" : "66351f", "6f2919" : "522b1d", "f32200" : "b2e89d", "dc1f00" : "51bd3b", "be1b00" : "247824", "951500" : "144216" },
        { "e0975c" : "e4f3f3", "a85636" : "a7b9b9", "6f2919" : "7b8888", "f32200" : "838383", "dc1f00" : "555555", "be1b00" : "383838", "951500" : "151515" },
        { "e0975c" : "7e5938", "a85636" : "5d3e25", "6f2919" : "422a18", "f32200" : "d29ce7", "dc1f00" : "a451c4", "be1b00" : "6a2284", "951500" : "320c40" },
        { "e0975c" : "c43d3d", "a85636" : "961e21", "6f2919" : "751922", "f32200" : "e6e6e6", "dc1f00" : "b6b6b6", "be1b00" : "7b7b7b", "951500" : "373737" },
        { "e0975c" : "597e38", "a85636" : "415d25", "6f2919" : "2e4218", "f32200" : "ffd495", "dc1f00" : "ea9931", "be1b00" : "af4e00", "951500" : "6e2900" },
        { "e0975c" : "fbf6c4", "a85636" : "cac488", "6f2919" : "959166", "f32200" : "eab3db", "dc1f00" : "d35eae", "be1b00" : "97276d", "951500" : "59163f" }
    Modpacking and altering: This mod only adds one single line of code, there should be no need to alter anything. If you really need to alter something, please state in your mod discription what exactly was changed.

    Since it's just one line of code and everyone can do this, there is no need to "credit" me or whatever. Completely free to use for anything.
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Anyone can use this mod in their mod compilation without the author's consent.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    Anyone can alter/redistribute the mod's assets without the author's consent.
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Recent Reviews

  1. Rhokk222
    Version: 1.2B - Human + Apex
    Finally get to see what color my human undies are, lol. Thanks creator!
  2. Kittails
    Version: 1.1 | Angry Koala | Merge
    This problem was a big complaint for me playing as a human even though it's just looks. Thank you for making a solution for us. Not only can I now know what color undys I'm picking, it adds extra flair for the hair accessories. I hope this get's added in officially. :-)
  3. ColdSpiral
    Version: 1.0
    I just reported this as a possible bug yesterday.
    Wasn't sure how to fix it myself, so I'm glad you were thinking the same thing!