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Gyrusens+ [v1.8.6]

Alien reptile race from distant lands, and more! (No longer requires Airless Dungeons!)

  1. Hotfixing!

    A quick little hotfix getting rid of some minor issues!

    +/- Thanks to @Omega_novakid6, we were able to determine that the first tier of scythes were not showing up. This should be fixed now.

    +/- Updated the graphics of the starter pistol, as well as adjusted their handPosition and firePosition.

    Have a good one!
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  2. Seal-The-Deal Build! Update#1

    Hey starbounders! Gyrruss with another build update! These next updates will be focused on polishing up some left-behind seal items and progression, so here's a little something to start with!

    + Tier 5 and 6 Armor Sprites: Holy cripes, about time huh?! It's been what, almost a year without graphical armor? Well, fret no more! Tier 5 and 6 armors have received an auric graphical design to reflect what they do; envelop your character in glowing energy! Tier 5...
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  3. "Dariru Bureakah" Mini-Update! (Experimental!)

    Hey guys! Gyr in with a quick new update; in this update, I'm going to be doing some experimenting with the excavators, as well as as additions to the hardmode drops! Here's how it follows:

    + More Hardmode drops:
    • Metal Mix
    • Ouron Goop + Bar
    • White Coal
    • Voidum Orre + Bar
    • Kaisure Bar
    • Seals
    I've added this list of items into the hardmode (normalmode?) drop tables! Now when your hardmode character dies, they will lose...
  4. Cars and Colonies Update!

    Eiloh, starbounders! Gyrruss in for a new update, this time around it deals with tenants, tires, and tweaks! Here's the rundown:

    + Ouron Hovercar (WIP)
    • -50% speed
    • +10* angling
    • +10% Jump
    • x2 HP / +25% Armor
    The Ouron Hovercar is a heavy-duty military jeep that can withstand alot of use and abuse! Made to traverse awkward and jagged terrain, the vehicle can angle itself widely to accomodate difficult lands...
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  5. More Green Cube fixes!

    With about 30% less green cubes!

    +/- Fixed the Pistol line from teaching more green cubes; instead, the player should properly learn all of the busters.

    +/- Tweaked the Laser Grappling Hook ever so slightly.

    Have a good one!
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  6. Early-Morning Hotfix!

    Shoutout to Mr.UNDER for snagging a couple more bugs!

    +/- Fixed the Basic Electricity Chakram's display name; it was a little too long for the game, so I abbreviated accordingly.

    +/- Laser Hook's graphical parts should now align properly and not look like it's coming from a magical portal with unicorns and candies.

    +/- Fixed the recipes learned once you obtain the shotgun; you should now be able to properly learn all...
  7. Hotfix

    A quick little hotfix!

    +/- Changed the items learned from the Rank 4 GSF Chestpiece upon pickup. It should properly now teach the Rank 5 set instead of how to make green cubes. That's just weird.

    +/- Advance Fire Seal Chakram (amongst other Advanced Chakrams) should no longer be crashing your game upon pickup after being thrown.

    Users whom have been having problems with quests should attempt to redownload the mod; this is due to the fact that the actual patch notes was tossed a little too...
  8. Swords and Shields Update!

    Eiloh guys! Gyrruss reporting in for a big patch! While we apologize for the lack of activity and communication, it's due to this nice update! And without further ado, here's the contents!

    + New items!
    • Starter Armor: Starter armor has been introduced with new characters in the ship! No longer will you be forced to face dangers with only the shirt on your back! (Or worse, naked!)
    • Shortswords: The standard of the GSF weaponry, these...
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  9. Aaaand it's up!

    Hey guys! Long time no see!

    Well, the mods back up to Glad Giraffe version and it's mostly working, to what I can suspect. Right now, the mod is fairly buggy, including but not limited to:

    > NPCs do not react to being hit or being confronted, paralyzing.
    > Jyinku Miniboss is currently broken and has been taken out of the game until it has been fixed. This makes crafting the Jyinku Armor set impossible without spawning the materials required for it, as well as completing the quest...
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  10. Warmfix

    Quick little hotfix!

    +/- Fixed the Jyinku Armor set & Radiant Armor set not displaying in the Gyrusenic Altar once learned.

    +/- Added some text defining how much of what you need for recollection-type quests (especially the Jyin ones).

    Have a good one!
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